Friday Faves: (End of) Summer Edition

I’m going to be the 1000th blogger to proclaim how happy I am that fall is nearly here. I’m excited for cooler weather runs, drinking hot chocolate in front of the fireplace, and everything pumpkin. #basic

That said, I am a little sad to see summer go – I’ve loved all the kayaking/paddleboarding, the bountiful produce, and not having to wear socks to work (I oddly despise socks and having my feet covered in general). So, in celebration of (almost) the end of the season, here’s some of my favorite summer finds.
Summer FavesTOMS – It took me a while to jump on the TOMS bandwagon, but I decided to give them a try this summer and was pleasantly surprised to discover that they fit my rather wide feet! This was the first summer in years that I wasn’t sporting flip-flops all the time outside of work and running, lol. I got this pair (pictured above).

Built Neoprene Lunchbox – This one admittedly doesn’t have much to do with summer, but my old free lunchbox (complete with Merck logo, lol) started smelling terrible this summer, so I finally replaced it with this machine washable one! It’s a great size for fitting a large Tupperware with a couple of smaller items, and I love that my arm fits in the loop.

Moom Wax – I have a love/hate relationship with waxing my legs; I love that my skin doesn’t get unbearably itchy for a couple of days as it does with shaving, but I hate the task of trying to clean up the sticky wax from the floor and my skin afterwards. Enter Moom – it’s a water-soluble sugar wax! It takes all of 20 seconds to warm up in the microwave and clean-up is so easy. I’m a huge fan.

Amazing Grass Green Superfood – I was having serious problems sleeping this summer – extra sunlight has this effect on me, apparently – so I decided to nix my morning cup of coffee and replace it with a scoop of this powder, which Sister J introduced me to a few years ago. It gave me enough energy to make it through the day without keeping me up at night, and I liked all the extra vitamins/ minerals/probiotics it added to my diet. I’m back to drinking a cup of tea or coffee every morning, but I might make this switch again next summer!

Armitron sports watch – I was on the lookout for a cheap, waterproof watch that I could wear during all my time on the water this summer, and was really impressed by the quality and style of this little Armitron watch for the price! It has a timer, so I can see myself using this a lot for interval style workouts and runs.

What’s on your favorites list lately? I’ll have to do a pumpkin product round-up soon…It’s not even October and our house already contains several pumpkin-flavored items.  I just can’t help myself – it’s like my kryptonite.


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