Running Updates: Training Week #12

Hi friends! Long time not chat – we were away for two weeks in Ireland at the end of September, and then work and class have been really busy ever since I got back.  We had a great time in Ireland (obviously – who doesn’t love vacation?) and I’ll be publishing a few posts on what we did, in case others are planning a trip or looking for vacation ideas :)

The bad news on the running front is that I barely ran in Ireland, and was sick the first week I got back (planes do this to me every time)…so I missed 3 peak weeks of training and my mileage was definitely not on track for my Nov marathon.  The race director kindly let me drop down to a half, so I’ve been slowly picking up my mileage again and trucking along.  Lesson learned: don’t plan to train for a marathon over vacation! We tend to take our vacations in the fall, so I’ve got my sights set on a May marathon next year :)

Anyway, here’s a brief training update from last week!

Half Marathon Training Week #12 (of 17)

Mon: rest day

Tue: Attempted 4 X 1 mile at ~10 sec faster than goal pace on T/M. I finished 3 X 1 mile at 8:50 pace with 400 meter recovery in between, and then cut the last one short because I was getting tired. Finished up with some strength exercises on the TRX.

Wed: 4 easy miles outside (10:46 pace) – I was sore and slow, but happy to get back to morning workouts outside!

Thur: rest day

Fri: 5 easy miles on the T/M (10:05 pace) with 20-30 second strides thrown in at the end for some speed. I skipped strength exercises to conserve my muscles for the Savage Race on Sat!

Sat: Savage Race in Maryland (6.5 miles) with Mike and a few of his coworkers. It was absolutely miserable, I ate mud, drank disgusting water, and was completely unprepared for the difficult obstacles…and I had a blast :) Full review of the race when I get some pictures back!
Sun: 3 miles on the T/M (10:34 pace) to shake my muscles out and some much needed yoga

This week, I’m hoping to repeat the 4 X 1 workout again, get in a 5 mile race pace run, and a long run of 11 miles on Saturday before a coworker’s wedding.

What’s the toughest workout on your training calendar/ plan this week?


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