Weekend and Running Updates

It’s never too late for a weekend update, is it?

We spent this past weekend in Frederick, MD for Mike’s co-worker’s wedding! I loved the fall-themed and intimate wedding, and we had a lot of fun hanging out with the other wedding guests, several of whom ran the Savage Race with us two weekends ago :) The only downside was the cold weather – I knew the temperature would be dropping, but it was near freezing temps at night! A few pics from the wedding:
DSC04615 DSC04617 DSC04612 DSC04613We got home Sunday afternoon and immediately ordered some pho to warm up.  After some hot soup and time under a comforter, I felt a little warmer ;)
1018151210_HDROnto last week’s training log!

Half Marathon Training Week #13 (of 17)

I had a lot of trouble running last week.  And I’m not talking motivation or anything like that; all my runs felt extremely hard and I couldn’t hit even conservative paces.  I had plans to run at least 5 times, and ended up doing 2 curtailed workouts and a long run.

Tue: Attempted 4 miles @ tempo speed – did 2 miles @ 8:50 pace and ended up running and walking another mile.  TRX work afterwards.

Thurs: I decided to change my desired race pace/ tempo to closer to 9 min miles and try the tempo again.  This time, I managed 2 miles @ 9:02 pace followed by a 2 min recovery, and then 1 mile @ 9:09 pace.  I tried to run another tempo mile and felt absolutely exhausted, so I called it quits.

Sat: 10 miles outside (10:52 pace).  Saturday’s run was absolutely gorgeous, and it started off fine (paces in the low 10s), but by mile 5, my pace had crept up to 11:XX – I felt exhausted and hungry and had to walk a minute or two each mile.

I’m honestly not sure what’s going on with my body right now; I know I lost fitness after 3 weeks of decreased training, but I’m struggling to hit paces that I was able to maintain for miles and miles before.  It feels a little like exercise exhaustion (getting sick frequently, feeling tired, heart rate takes a while to recover)…but I just took a few weeks off!

Anyway, after some thought, I decided to trade my speedwork for spin classes to build my endurance again and just trying to complete long runs – no pace expectations.  My goal is to just finish my fall races, then take some time to cross-train before getting back into running again.

Have you ever experienced exercise exhaustion? What were your symptoms?


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