Weekend and Running Updates

Hi friends! Not much of a weekend update this week – Mike’s dad was visiting us after attending a conference on the east coast, and we were all tired after a long week. We had big plans to go bowling and hiking in the Shenandoah Valley, but ended up mostly eating and resting.

Mike’s cioppino was legit.1024151956b_HDR
After a couple of busy weekends (Savage Race three weeks ago, wedding two weeks ago, and dad in town), I’m looking forward to a restful weekend…except this weekend is Halloween, and we have parties to go to, lol. All good reasons to be busy though, so I’m grateful!

Half Marathon Training Week #14 (of 17)

Last week’s training went pretty well, except for the fact that I skipped my long run on Sunday. I felt pretty run-down after a busy week, and I think I just picked rest over sleep. Since I don’t have any plans to PR my race in 3 weeks, it’s not that big a deal.  I swapped spin for my “hard” runs and ran my other two runs by feel (I didn’t look at my pace, just heart rate) – and as a result, I felt great during all my training.

Tue: spin class and TRX exercises

Thurs: spin class and weights

Fri: 4 mile easy run outside (11:13 pace) – Like I said, I tried to run based on feel.  I recently got a watch with a built-in heart rate monitor, so I switched the display to the heart rate page and tried to keep my heart rate around 160-165 (previous runs have been closer to 180 – which seems really high to me?), based on the fact that the run felt fairly easy at that pace.  It was hard not to run faster, but when I saw my heart rate creeping up, I forced myself to slow down, knowing that my heart rate should not be close to 180 on an easy run.  As a result, my pace was slow but my legs felt great the next day!

Sat: 4 mile easy run outside (9:56 pace) – It’s amazing how the same run can feel so different on different days! I set out to do the same easy run as I did on Friday, and ran by feel again.  My pace was over a minute faster than Friday’s run, which is probably due to the fact that I didn’t do a hard spin workout the day before and the 10 degree temperature drop from Fri to Sat.  Still, I felt great after this run :)

My goal this week is to get in one more easy run and do a long run on Saturday, bringing the week’s total to 2 spin workouts, 3 easy runs (4-5 miles), and 1 long run of 11 miles.  I’ll definitely keep running my easy days based on heart rate – it helps me to enjoy my runs more and the exertion level feels right.


2 thoughts on “Weekend and Running Updates

    1. Dawn H.

      I really only use it on my easy runs to make sure that I’m not going too hard – I find it a lot easier to look at the heart rate number and try to keep it down, vs looking at my pace and trying to keep it slow :) I end up running a lot slower than I’d like to see, but I also feel a lot better for my hard workouts.

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