Halloween Weekend + My First Bad Car Accident

Sorry the blog was silent last week – there was actually a really good reason for that – I’ll get into in a minute.

Halloween Weekend

But first, Halloween shenanigans. I went for an 11 mile run on Saturday (weather was perfect – sunny and slightly cold), and then came home and got dressed for a co-worker’s party in Frederick! No pics of our costumes (Mike would kill me…and I didn’t take any), but we wore cloaks in keeping with the D&D themed party. The drive was gorgeous with views of the changing leaves:
1031151245c_HDRMike made pumpkin bars (our potluck staple) and they were a big hit – the small group devoured most of this pan:
1031151245a_HDRWe stayed for several hours and enjoyed the game – my second time playing! I know it’s super-nerdy, but I love the cooperative and imaginative aspects of the game (less so all the dice-rolling and giant books of rules…).
1031152021_HDRSunday was church and dimsum with our small group afterwards, followed by some food shopping at the Korean market since it’s our turn to cook for the small group this week!

my bad accident

I got into a bad car accident on Tuesday night. I went food shopping after work, and on my way home, this happened:
1027151826_HDRAs I was making a left turn on a yellow light, a driver from the oncoming traffic lane slammed into the front of my car. My airbag went off, and I was initially afraid something was wrong with my legs because I couldn’t feel them (I think that was just shock). Thankfully, I and the other driver were both all right, aside from a few minor scrapes and bruises.

I have a habit of listening to Christian radio when I’m driving because I enjoy singing along to the praise songs, worshiping God, and because it calms me down in traffic, lol. Before Tuesday, I used to (partially) joke that I also wanted for my soul to be right with God in case of an accident.

We don’t know where or when we’re going to die, and while I was nowhere close to dying on Tuesday night (Mike assures me that our car’s crash safety ratings are excellent, as I saw firsthand), I understand that my life is not in my hands – it’s in God’s. And I’m so grateful for every day and week and month He’s given me, and I want to live each day as an ambassador for Him.

As you can guess, my workouts were on the lighter side last week:

Tue: spin class and weights afterwards

Weds: 3.5 miles walking on T/M – I had planned to run 4 miles, but I had whiplash from the accident and felt running and whiplash would not be friends. As it is, 1 hour of walking was probably too much for me the day after the crash

Thurs: spin class and weights afterwards – I kept the weights light or did body weight exercises to minimize any impact on my spine/ neck

Sat: 11 mile run outside (10:50 pace) – this was a great run! I was sooo slow (expected given my very low key training cycle), but I really enjoyed every minute of it. My body felt fine afterwards, aside from my feet, which cramped up since it was my first run in a week.

Have a great day, friends!


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