I’m Back!

Is it too late to say happy new year? Haha.  I really wanted to get back to blogging when the new year began, but got delayed for a variety of reasons (injured my hamstring, so I didn’t have anything running-related to write about; got a terrible cold; work was busy).  And the longer and longer I waited, the harder it got to figure out what to write about.  And as you may know, I also tried self-hosting my blog late last year (at dcsunriserunner.com), but my website had issues and I just couldn’t put in the time to fix it.  So, after about two months, I’m back here at WordPress.com!

Anyway, I’ve put in some thought as to why and whether I should continue blogging.  I don’t generate a lot of articles or “how-to” posts and I’m completely fine with that – there’s already lots of awesome bloggers generating useful content and references, and I don’t have much to add in that direction right now.  I don’t care much about my blog stats and I’m not trying to make money off my site either.  So this blog remains a place where I chronicle my life and training because I enjoy looking back on happy memories and remembering lessons I’ve learned in various training cycles.  And I’ll continue to keep Sneaker Therapy public because I love interacting with people that relate to what I write!

All that to say, this blog isn’t going to change much.  My goal is to post 1-3 times a week, and the content will look somewhat like this:
– Monday – training updates
– Wednesday – motivational/ running thoughts
– Friday – Friday Faves or book reviews
And the occasional personal (e.g., my life outside of running) and vacation posts ;)


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