{Workout Log} More XT

I’m just 2 weeks into my new posting schedule and I’m already behind, lol.  I have no excuses – last week was a 2 day work week, thanks to the snow – I just didn’t feel much motivation this weekend to do anything.  Our one fun outing this weekend was bubble tea in Annandale at the ever popular Kung Fu Tea. I like that KFT allows customization of sweetness and ice and has multiple topping options! I got the red bean slush (70% sweet) in the middle below. IMG_20160131_120715

Onto last week’s training. Honestly, my motivation to continue cross-training really fizzled as the week went on – I don’t enjoy the elliptical or stairclimber very much and I really miss running. That said, I got in a few good workouts in the beginning of the week.

Mon: planned rest day

Tue: spin class

Weds: 45 min stairclimber – I did one of the programmed interval workouts on the machine and did a few weight/ TRX exercises afterwards

Thurs: spin class + core workout

Fri: 40 min elliptical and weights/ TRX

And then I took the weekend off, lol. I had planned to get in another spin class and stairclimber session, but I slept in and got some chores done instead. It isn’t easy to motivate myself to workout when I’m not training for something specific, but I’m going to go back to pool running for the moment and hopefully I can start running a little next week! If all goes well, I’ll start training for RnR DC (I’m signed up for the 5K).

What’s your favorite form of cross-training? Mine is spin class – each class is different and I get a great workout.


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