{Workout Log} Running Again After a Hamstring Injury

I’m alive! Hey friends – if you’re still following, last I wrote in February, I was recovering from a hamstring injury from attempting a split over Christmas break.  I did a lot of cross-training in January and February (yoga, elliptical, spin, Insanity as my leg got better), and tested out my leg on a short jog every few days – if it hurt, I stopped immediately.  Nearly 3 months after my injury, I started running again.  I made sure to keep the buildup low and slow to prevent stressing my hamstring again.  Here’s how the first 5 weeks went:

Week 1 of Running (3/21-3/27)

Run Days: 5

Intensity: All easy – I ran 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, and 3 miles on consecutive days outside.  My paces ranged from 10:14-10:48, pretty decent easy paces for me.  I supplemented all runs with some time on the elliptical.

Total Mileage: 10

Week 2 of Running (3/28-4/3)

Run Days: 4 (planned for 5, but had to work late)

Intensity: All easy – I ran 3, 2, 4, and 3 miles.  My 3 shorter runs were on the treadmill, and they were HARD.  Every minute, I wanted to hit stop, and I had trouble finding my easy speed.  It used to be close to 6.0 (10:00 pace), but post-injury, it’s closer to  5.0 (12:00 pace).

Total Mileage: 12

Week 3 of Running (4/4-4/10)

Run Days: 5

Intensity: 4-3 milers and a 5 miler, all easy.  My paces ranged from 10:17 – 12:22 – I just ran what felt easy and didn’t try to push the pace.

Total Mileage: 17

Week 4 of Running (4/11-4/17)

Run Days: 6

Intensity: I did 4 easy runs (1, 4, 3, 6), some speedwork (7 X 200 meters), and attempted a tempo run, which didn’t go great. I think I’ll stick to short interval speedwork for the time being, and wait to regain some endurance before trying another tempo. I also made yoga a priority – 3 classes this week!

Total Mileage: 19.5

Week 5 of Running (4/18-4/24)

Run Days: 6

Intensity: I did 4 easy runs (3, 4, 5, 5), some speedwork (5 X 400 meters), and one slightly faster 3 miler (9:43 pace).  Another yoga class.

Total Mileage: 24

The last two weeks have been sort of step back weeks – I had a few major projects going on at work and am dealing with a minor health issue, but I’ll aim to run about 23-25 miles this week, and keep building up slowly from there.  So far, my leg feels great.  I’ll continue doing yoga at least once a week, and am adding in some strength training (Body Pump and barre).  Feels so great to be back!


2 thoughts on “{Workout Log} Running Again After a Hamstring Injury

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