Five Things from my Birthday

Hey guys! Twice posting in one week – it’s a record! I had a really tough last couple of three months, but one ray of sunshine was my bday weekend! I usually tend to get a little sad on my bday for no good reason; I used to be really hesitant to admit this, but apparently it’s a pretty common thing, and there’s even a name for it – Birthday Blues. But this year that was NOT the case – I had an awesome, happy weekend.  Instead of doing a lengthy recap, here are 5 reasons it was awesome.

1. Surrounded by friends and family

Mike’s mom and sister both flew in to celebrate with me! I felt so special and blessed that they went to all that trouble.  I think Mike orchestrated it, knowing how gloomy I tend to get otherwise.  My friend Vivian spent a good part of the weekend with us too, taking time away from her SUPER busy schedule.DSC04668

2. Rose’s Luxury

When a chef wins a James Beard Award, Food and Wine’s Best New Chef, and Bon Appetit’s Best New Restaurant, you know his food isn’t going to disappoint.  Rose’s Luxury has been the hottest table in DC since it opened in 2013 and I’ve wanted to go for some time.  They have a no reservations policy, and Mike offered to wait in line (from 3:30!) to get us a seat.  The food was innovative and so tasty from the start – baked potato bread, goat confit, spicy pig’s ear salad, spicy fried oysters, the best brisket I’ve ever eaten, and the ever-popular lychee pork salad.  I can’t wait to go back!
PicMonkey roses luxury

3. Renwick Gallery

Another place I’ve wanted to go to since it opened! This art installation gallery was closed for two years, and re-opened with an amazing, Instagram-worthy exhibit called Wonder.  Several artists put together massive installations to represent elements of nature in new and different ways.

My favorite exhibit – made with entirely with string!

0408161253 DSC04635 DSC04630

I’m not an “art person”, but I could have spent all day here.

4. Hank’s Pasta Bar

Cuz you know we love to eat :) Hank’s Pasta Bar just opened early this year, and we’ve already been there twice – they make 13 types of fresh pasta every day!  Some of the stand-out dishes have been the fresh house-made ricotta starter drizzled with honey, malfalde pasta, and the pappardelle with rabbit ragu.  Stop it, you’re making me hungry.

fresh, house-made ricotta drizzled with honey and served with grilled baguette (Source: Yelp)

5. CorePower Yoga

We balanced out all that eating with some workouts – I went for a few runs and we all went to CPY together for a CorePower 1 class.  The heat really helps me to get deeper into poses, especially since I’m not that flexible right now.

I really needed this weekend – it was an oasis in the middle of an extremely busy time at work. For the first time in several weeks, I didn’t work at all that weekend and took Friday off. And for the first time in two months, I slept deeply without needing sleeping pills (more on that later).  To me, family is a safety net – and while I’ve definitely been stressed by both our families at one time or another, there’s nowhere I feel so comfortable as in their midst.  I only wish the rest of my family and Mike’s could have been there!

What’s your best birthday memory?


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