{Workout Log} May 2-8, 23 Miles

Last week, I talked about my first 5 weeks getting back into running after an injury.  After my 24 mile week, I had 2 weeks of really low mileage (11 and 9) because of exhaustion from my insomnia.  To be honest, I wish I had just sucked it up and run anyway.  But no matter, I got back on the horse last week! Here’s how my training went:

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 1.28.51 PM

Mon: Body Pump class – In an effort to get some strength training in (I’m aiming for twice a week in some form), I went to a Pump class at my gym.  Despite never going heavier than 10 lbs on my bar, I was still sore days later, to the point of being in pain.  This is what I get for skipping strength training for months =\

Tue: 9 X 200 meters on the treadmill, with 1 mile warmup and cooldown.  I’ve been working to get my interval pace back up to my old 5K pace (about 8:00 min/mile), and I’m slowly getting there.  These intervals were done at 7.1-7.3 on the treadmill, so around 8:15 pace average.  How did I run 3 miles at this pace a few years ago!?

Wed: rest day

Thurs: 5 miles outside (10:08 pace) – this was a glorious run.  It was 50 degrees and cloudy outside, so perfect for running.  I took it easy the whole time and ran without music to focus on my form and breathing.  Also my fastest easy run this year!

Fri: skipped – felt exhausted from insomnia

Sat: 7 miles outside (10:43 pace) – this was a pretty hot run; I left the house at 8:30 and it was already 70 degrees.  I felt fine running in the shade, but was hot and dehydrated by the end of the run.  Still, I got it done – every run makes you stronger, right?

Sun: 6.5 miles on the treadmill (10:46 pace) – I didn’t feel like working out in the morning, but we spent the day at SpaWorld and I found myself heading to the gym around 9:30.  I only intended to do 4 miles or so, but ended up tacking on a few extra to make up for the run I missed on Friday.  Went by pretty fast, thanks to some TV on the tablet!

The plan for next week is to increase mileage to about 25 miles, and add in more core and strength work.  I’m also running my first race of the year (a 5K) on Saturday, so I’m excited to see what I’m capable of! I know I won’t be close to my PR from a few years ago, but it’ll give me a baseline for my speedwork paces and help me form realistic goals for other races this year.



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