{Weekend Fun} Church Mission Bazaar

Our weekend started with an awesome dinner at small group on Friday night – jjajangmyeon! Our small group takes turns bringing dinner, and all the meals have been great. We spent two hours talking and eating dinner with the group, and then left early because I hadn’t slept the night before.


I woke up feeling sluggish, but managed to get out of the house around 8 for my 7 miler.  It was windy and warm, so I was struggling towards the end of the run, but it felt great to get it done and out of the way.  For breakfast, I made an old favorite – plantain pancakes – and tried bulletproof coffee for the first time, which is hot coffee blended with some butter and coconut (or MCT) oil.  The result is a rich, creamy coffee – we thought it was good, but I couldn’t get over the fact that I was drinking butter, lol.
0515160759 0515160756
After breakfast, we washed up and headed to the mall for a little shopping.  I picked up another tin of tea from Capital Tea, a pricy tea shop (similar to Teavana in prices).  I’m not a big tea drinker, but lately I’ve been drinking tea after meals to satisfy my sweet tooth, and their teas are really fresh and have a lot of flavor.  On the left, Roasted Almond Tea (smells like cookies!) and on the right, Grapefruit Wellness.
Dinner was a Blue Apron meal – salmon with lemon sauce and salad.  We loved the dressing on the salad – just apple cider vinegar, oil, salt and pepper!


I woke up late and we ended up missing church (insomnia boo), so we went on with the rest of our day plans and headed to Spaworld! Love this place. I knew we were going to eat a lot that day, so I started off with a 6.5 mile run on the treadmill while watching Netflix shows :) After washing up, we ate lunch while watching the sermon online. I was craving something cold and spicy, so these spicy cold noodles hit the spot.
We napped, used the sauna facilities, and watched shows on our tablets – ended up staying like 6 hours here! At 4:00, we checked out for out next event – the church mission bazaar.

The bazaar was definitely the highlight of the weekend – our $10 ticket included all the korean and chinese food we could eat from the buffet, and a bidding number for the auction! The auction included over 40 amazing items/ services/ events donated by generous church members, ranging from babysitting services to a Star Wars light saber to a seafood dinner for 10, and all proceeds went to support our church’s missions efforts in various countries. We had so much fun listening to the hilarious auctioneer and watching the bidding get competitive. We bid on several items, and ended up winning Redskins tickets and a couple of bottles of old wine. 0515162027a_HDR
We know nothing about wine, other than old usually = good, lol. This was our first time at the annual missions bazaar, and I thought it was such an amazing and fun way to raise money for our church’s missions efforts.

I’ll be back with a post later this week on the results of my thyroid test, and what’s happening next.


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