Weekend Trip to Pittsburgh

It’s never too late for a weekend recap, right? Even a week later? Lol.  We got out of town for the long Memorial Day weekend to see our good friends Alex and Lexi near Pittsburgh! After packing and working out Saturday morning, we got on the road and arrived in Pittsburgh 5 hours later, just in time for dinner. We met at Bar Marco, one of our favorites from our last visit to Pittsburgh – the bartenders here are fantastic. You tell them the base you’d like (vodka, gin, bourbon etc) and the flavor profile you’re looking for, and they come up with a custom drink for you!

Photo Credit: Alex/Lexi
Photo Credit: Alex/Lexi

(Yes, my eyes are closed lol)

After our long drive, we were eager to get to our hotel and rest. We picked the Fairmont Pittsburgh – Mike has a Fairmont card, which comes with a free night and upgrade, as well as meal credits every year, so we try to stay at one every year. The service at this one was great as always, and they had a huge gym (complete with spinning and yoga!). I completely forgot to take pics, but the ones below are similar to the suite we got, and the lobby was airy and gorgeous.

Photo Credit: https://www.kiwicollection.com/hotel-detail/fairmont-pittsburgh
Photo Credit: https://www.kiwicollection.com/hotel-detail/fairmont-pittsburgh
Photo Credit: https://www.kiwicollection.com/hotel-detail/fairmont-pittsburgh

They also had a fantastic breakfast buffet, complete with carbs (pancakes, baked goods, waffles, couple kinds of potatoes), protein (all sorts of eggs, bacon, sausage), roasted veggies, lots of fruit, a yogurt bar, and a bagel bar. We took full advantage using our food certificates ;)

The following day, we both got in a short workout in the morning before our trip down to our friends’ place in West Virginia to go shooting and eat korean BBQ.  Our friend’s dad has a bunch of guns, so we got to shoot everything from handguns to shotguns to even an automatic rifle. BTW, I personally believe we could all benefit from reducing gun ownership in the U.S. (we have a high incidence of gun-related deaths for a reason), but am not against the right to bear arms for self-protection and sport/hunting.  Getting off my soapbox.
After a few hours of shooting (my arms and hands were tired!), we headed back to our friends’ place for some korean BBQ. Mike and I brought marinated meat, side dishes, veggies, and drinks from DC in a cooler because our friends were really craving some korean food. Happy to oblige! Sorry for the blurry picture, but we had quite the feast.
We enjoyed eating and drinking with friends and exploring their amazing garden, and then headed back to our hotel in Pittsburgh.

Monday was our “explore the city” day, but much to my chagrin, nearly everything was closed! I knew it was Memorial Day, but I feel like most shops in DC stay open. It was awesome to see the city’s patriotic spirit though – it seems appropriate to close up shop to honor those who have given their lives to secure our freedom.

We did see a cool outdoor festival – I think this might have been Sunday. Pittsburgh closes certain sections of their streets on Sundays in the summertime to enable people to enjoy working out outside! There were bike rides, this yoga class, outdoor spin classes, and Zumba. Would love to see this in DC!
We made our way to Roland’s Seafood Grill in the Strip District for happy hour – they have 60 cent oysters, shrimp, clams and chicken wings. So of course we did two rounds of oysters and cocktail shrimp :)
And after dinner, we walked over to the Penguins Stadium to check out the tail-gate party.  We thought we might score some tickets from scalpers, but no such luck – there were plenty of people looking to buy tickets, but we couldn’t find any selling! Hockey fans aplenty in this town – especially with the Stanley Cup!
0530161713_HDRTuesday morning, we slowly packed up, ate breakfast in the room, and headed back home.  Pittsburgh remains one of our favorite nearby cities to relax, hang with friends, and eat – so I’m sure we’ll be back!


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