{Weekend Fun} Pancake Run with Pacers

We kicked off our weekend on Friday with a Blue Apron meal, and it was a good one! I was really looking forward to this meal because of the steamed buns, and it didn’t disappoint. Mike helped me make these ground chicken steamed buns with cucumber and radish kimchi (recipe here) and we both really enjoyed them.IMG_20160604_114029Saturday morning, I woke up at 6 AM to get ready for my long run. I decided to start running with a group recently, and it didn’t hurt that the Pacers running club was having their annual Pancake Run – starting in Crystal City, they go to Eastern Market in DC for the famous blueberry buckwheat pancakes at Market Lunch! Given that this was my first outdoor run in a while, I used ALL the sunscreen (and lube).0604160621_HDRI met up with the group at 7 AM, and knew immediately it was going to be a tough one – it was over 70 outside and very humid.  My goal was to run 8 miles at a slow and steady pace.  Here we are, happy and smiling before the run!13344633_10153565926618038_7621391367231909119_nTruth is, this was my roughest run in a while.  I wanted to quit from mile 1, and I got really cold after about 45 min (despite the heat).  I was definitely not heat trained since most of my runs lately have been treadmill runs.  But I had agreed to run 8 miles with one of the other members, since we found we had a similar pace and mileage goal, and she really carried me through the run.  We stopped every mile for water, and walked quite a bit.  I was so glad I had brought my hydration pack with tons of ice and water – it definitely kept me going.  We ended up covering about 6 miles at a 11:07 min pace, with another mile of walking throughout.Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 3.58.02 PMBut finally, it was pancake time! As I had read, the line was nearly out the door, but it moved quickly.
0604160843_HDRThe pancakes were awesome! I’ll definitely be back.  You can see the remnants of my meal in my pic with my running buddy below :)13325530_10153565926668038_2502780136612651486_n (1)I’m so glad I got it done, and running with Pacers again reminded me how running with others can keep you going when you might have quit alone.  AND I realized I really need to run outside more often to get used to the heat ;)

After lunch, I made a quick trip to Aldi for groceries for the week.  I discovered an Aldi near our house a few weeks ago, and can’t get over how cheap their prices are! I got all the groceries below for less than $40.  They’re a no-frill supermarket – groceries are stacked on pallets, they don’t carry many brands, you have to rent a shopping cart for a quarter (to incentivize you to return it to the right place), and they don’t bag your groceries.  I love it.0604161353_HDR We spent the afternoon at the movies! We watched the new X-Men movie at our favorite theater with reclining seats – good recovery for the legs ;) I didn’t think the movie was as good as some of the prior ones – not as much character development – but we still enjoyed it.

I made it back outside for another run on Sunday morning – my goal was to cover 6 miles (4 planned, plus another 2 to make up for short mileage on Saturday), and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it felt.  It was even more humid than yesterday, but somehow, my legs didn’t feel tired and my breathing felt a little easier.  Such a confidence builder!0605160821_HDRWe re-fueled with dim sum afterwards – salt and pepper shrimp, shrimp noodles, turnip cakes and more.  Runger satisfied.
0605161021_HDR Last activity of the weekend – starting our first (small) garden! I decided this was the year I wanted to try growing something and make some use of our balcony, so I’m starting out with a few herbs and edibles.  As luck would have it, the outdoor market at Eastern Market had lots of live herbs, so I picked a few up after my run on Saturday and planters and soil from Target.  On the left, I’m starting kale and sage from seed, and on the right, basil, lemon basil and mint from the market!0605161307_HDR 0605161307a_HDRHopefully I can keep them alive, and we’ll have fresh herbs throughout the summer! I’m already thinking of expanding to tomatoes and maybe lettuce next year…


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