{Workout Log} June 6-12, 26 miles

Hey friends! Hope you survived the weekend heat wave, if you’re anywhere near DC. With temps close to 100 degrees, we spent a lot of time indoors catching up on season 6 of Game of Thrones :) Just one snapshot from the weekend – I made these paleo waffles after my run on Sunday and they were surprisingly good! The recipe is so simple – plantain, eggs, baking soda, vanilla extract and salt in a blender and then onto the waffle iron. 0612160752_HDR

Last Week’s Workouts

I had a pretty solid week of training last week – up 2 miles from the week before and lots of running outside!

Mon: I felt pretty sore and tired when I woke up, so I decided to push my planned run to Tuesday morning. But after work, I had a kayaking date with my buddy Vivian!

Photo Credit: Vivian
Photo Credit: Vivian

We both got season passes for Boating in DC, which comes with unlimited kayaking, SUP, and canoeing so we met up at the Key Bridge boathouse near Georgetown for some kayaking together. It was a great way to catch up and get some activity for the day. Plus, I got my steps from walking from Rosslyn to Georgetown and back :)

Tue: 12 X 200 meters on treadmill – this was a pretty fun run, since I love short intervals. I did a 1 mile warm-up, and then ran my intervals (~0.13 miles) at 7.0-7.3 treadmill speed, each followed by a recovery of about the same length. The intervals took just over a minute. Followed by planks afterwards.

Wed: 5 easy miles outside in the AM (10:33 pace) – this was a pretty strong run for me; despite tired legs, I kept a really even pace and didn’t have to stop much. The cool weather (66 degrees) helped! I did some planks in the evening and got a short but sweet leg massage at the gym.

Thurs: I woke up late and had about 20 min to work out when I got home, so I opted to do some light strength training and push my run to Friday morning. This video was just okay – it’s about 7 min of running specific strength work, but I would have preferred a longer workout and less talking.

Fri: 4 easy miles outside in the AM (10:48 pace) – my legs were really tired for this one, but the beautiful weather (64 degrees with the rising sun) helped keep me going for this short run :)

Sat: 8 miles with Pacers Running Group (11:45 pace) – this was a very hilly run in beautiful Rock Creek Park.  The trail was nicely shaded, which helped with the heat, but I should have checked the course so I could have been better mentally prepared for the hills.  I did a lot of walking on the first 4 miles, thanks to the steep uphills, and did a lot better during the second half of the run, which was relatively flat and spent with a new running buddy! I really look forward to my Saturday runs with Pacers – it’s really the highlight of my weekend.
Sun: 4 miles outside (10:44 pace) – I was really proud of my solid pace this run, given the 75 degree temps.  I carried a small handheld filled with ice, and it was all melted by mile 3.  I’m definitely getting heat trained!


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