Friday Faves (6/17/16)

It’s my first Friday Faves of the year! This is just some of the stuff I’ve really liked lately and wanted to share with all of you – no paid endorsements here :)

In the past, I never ran with my phone unless I was wearing my hydration backpack because I couldn’t find a belt that didn’t bounce as I was running or ride up on my hips. But then at the Savage Race we ran last year, Mike’s co-worker brought all her stuff in a Flipbelt, and I was really impressed with how much it fit and her rave review, so I went out and bought one myself. You guys probably know this because you bought one 5 years ago when everyone else discovered it, but it really doesn’t bounce at all! And since it’s basically a tube all around, I can fit my phone, several gels, keys, and a small wallet if I so chose. I’ve had success wearing it on top of my shorts under my shirt with my phone in the front, and in the 5-6 mile runs I’ve used it on, it hasn’t moved at all and I find myself forgetting it’s even there as soon as I start running. So awesome!!

Source: The Everyday Warrior
Source: The Everyday Warrior

I’ve slowly been cutting back on grain products, so I finally decided to spring for a spiralizer.  So glad I did – this is insanely easy to use and turns out beautiful, thick (or thin – there are a few different slicing options) noodles in less than a minute! Luckily, Mike loves zucchini noodles too, so I see zucchini noodles+ marinara sauce becoming a summer staple for us :D
Belif skincare products
A friend of mine bought me a belif skincare set from Sephora for my bday – it’s a Korean skincare line that blends tried and true herbal remedies with modern skincare.  My kit came with the products below – a cleanser, serum, and moisturizer.  The products all smell so good, and I’ve been using the aqua bomb as my nighttime moisturizer at night – it’s lightweight and has a refreshing but hydrating feel, which is perfect for summer.  The cleanser I got is great too; I find that it’s creamy, foams well and washes off nicely. (I haven’t really found myself using the water essence – not sure what it does?)0610162123_HDR
The End of Your Life Book Club by Will Schwalbe
I’ve had a hard time finding books I’ve loved lately, but this one was a gem! It’s the sort of book that made me love reading in general because it talks about the character’s love for and interaction with books (kind of like Reading Lolita in Tehran).  Will’s mom is the sort of person you can’t help but love and admire; she shows such strength of character in the face of her terminal illness.

PBFinger’s Cinnamon Peanut Butter popcorn recipe
I’ve been on a big popcorn kick lately, so when I came across this recipe from Julie, I had to give it a shot! It’s so easy – you just melt peanut butter, honey and cinnamon together in the microwave, and then stir it into a batch of popcorn (already popped).  I love the salty and sweet flavor combo, and it makes for a substantial snack.


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