{Workout Log} June 13-19, 28 miles

Hey friends! I had an awesome weekend with some time with family and friends.  Saturday morning, I met up with Bell and Vivian to go hiking in Shenandoah National Park! We picked a moderate trail close to the entrance of the park – the Snead Farm 3 mile trail.  Bell brought her adorable dog! There was a lot more incline than I was expecting, but we were rewarded with a beautiful vista a little more than halfway through.  We never found the farm, so I’m fairly sure we did the wrong trail, but it was a great hike anyway!

It took us about an hour and half, and we worked up a good appetite, so we stopped at Blue Ridge Seafood in Gainesville on the way home. We loved the casual outdoor atmosphere here! My friends went for crabs, and I opted for the steamed shrimp basket with hush puppies. Great food and great company :) 0618161213_HDR0618161226_HDR
The rest of the weekend was spent with my mom and brother, who are in town for house/apartment hunting purposes. My mom sold her house in NY and is moving down to VA to be closer to us – will be nice to have family close by.

Last Week’s Workouts

After a spluttering start, I’m finally getting consistent and finding a rhythm in my workouts – I really look forward to my early morning runs now!
Mon: 8 X 400 meters on treadmill – I did a 1 mile warm-up, then 400 meters (0.25 miles) @ 6.9-7.1 speed, followed by equal length walk/jog recovery.  This was a hard one – 6.9 wasn’t hard at all, but when I worked up to 7.1, I was struggling to hold on a bit.  But I’m seeing improvement already – 6.9 was too fast for me a month ago! Followed by planks.

Tue: 4 miles easy outside (10:26 pace) with 10 second strides in the last mile.  Nothing special, but every run makes you stronger.  Planks at home.

Wed: 4 miles outside, with 2 tempo (9:03 pace). I did a 1 mile warm-up, and then 2 miles at a comfortably hard pace, which I thought would be close to 9:30. When the first mile beeped at 9:03, I was honestly pretty surprised – that’s my fastest mile in a while.  I started to get tired in the second mile, so I ended up pausing the watch twice for quick breaks, and my total time was 9:04. To be honest, I think I psyched myself out and could have definitely pushed through the second mile without stopping. Next time, I’ll aim for 9:10 in the first mile, and then just do the best I can in the second mile. Followed by this 10-min total body strength workout – this was a great one!

Thurs: Yoga day! I spent about an hour doing this yoga for runners video followed by a hamstring yoga sequence because my right hamstring was really sore.  Tip: find yoga videos you like on YouTube, then put them all in a playlist to make them easy to find later. I have a yoga for runners playlist with a dozen videos – both full length classes and sequences targeted towards specific muscles (hamstrings, hips, etc).

Fri: 10 miles outside (10:52 pace) – whew, this was a tough one. I normally do my long runs on Saturday, but I had plans to go hiking with friends, so I got up at 5 AM on Friday to just get it done and out of the way. The weather was perfect (60s and cloudy) but my legs were sore and tired and wanted to quit from mile 2. I had a little talk with myself and decided to push through at a slow and steady pace, counting my steps to keep me going. It didn’t really get any easier, but my legs seemed to warm up a bit around mile 8-10 and I was able to pick up the pace a little. I was happy when it was done! I spent the rest of the day stretching – loved this yoga for tired legs video.

Sat:  hiking – see above!

Sun:  4 miles outside (10:10 pace) – this was a great run, nice steady pace. The top of my right foot was niggling me a little bit, but it quickly disappeared; I think the pain was from wearing old Kinvaras during my tempo on Weds.  Probably time to retire them! Followed by a full-body barre video in the afternoon.

What was one fun activity you did this weekend?


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