My 2016 Racing Calendar

After a pretty short (and somewhat disappointing) racing season last year, I’m really excited to sign up for some races and start seeing some progress this year! Here are the big races on my calendar:

Jul 4Freedom 5K– my first race of the year! I decided to ease myself into racing again with a 5K, and see how close I can get to my old PR from Feb 2014 (24:37). That will give me a good idea of my baseline going into marathon training.

Marathon training starts the week of July 11. During marathon training, I typically aim for a few short races in the beginning to continue to track my current fitness and goal paces for speed work, and then maybe a longer race in the middle to get a sense for how realistic my marathon goals are.

Jul 23Crystal City Twilighter 5K – I’ve never tried an evening race so I thought this race (at 8:30 pm on a Saturday) could be fun!

Aug 28South Lakes 10K – I love racing in the Reston rolling hills. If my training goes well and race day conditions are favorable, I think I have a good chance of a PR here (my last is 53:56 from 2013).

Sept 10Abebe Bikila Day Half Marathon – This is a low key race on the C&O Canal Towpath, identical to my half marathon from last fall. I initially signed up for the marathon, but realized I needed more time to build my base and then train so I dropped to the half.  I plan to treat this as just a supported long run – no all out racing.

Oct 2Woodrow Wilson Half Marathon– I got a coupon code for 25% off since I signed up last year and the race was cancelled due to inclement weather.  It fit into my race plan pretty well, so I signed up and will use this as my tune-up race for my marathon.  It’s supposed to be pretty scenic with views of the river and they re-designed the course to be an out-and-back instead of point-to-point, so I’m pretty excited for this one.

And finally…
Nov 12Richmond Marathon! – This is my big goal race for the year. I’ve heard great reviews about this race from online and my Pacers running group, and the course looks like a good one (not too hilly and all roads). It’ll have been over 2 years since my last marathon, and I’m excited to toe the line again. I’ll definitely be shooting for a PR, assuming my training goes well. More on my goals as race day gets closer :)


There might be a short fall race or two after the marathon – I’m thinking a turkey trot and the Jingle All the Way in December, but we’ll see how I’m feeling ;) I’m looking forward to training hard, giving each race my best effort, and hopefully setting a few new PRs this year!

What’s the next race on your horizon?


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