Paleo Meal Roundup #1

I think I mentioned at some point that I’ve been following a some-what paleo diet for health and weight-loss reasons for the last two months or so, which means that I eat mostly paleo (~80%) on weekdays and probably 20-50% paleo on weekends. Pretty much any meal I cook (except for Blue Apron deliveries, which we get about once a month) is paleo. I thought I’d share some of the recipes that have been a hit in our household and that I think you could enjoy even if you don’t follow a paleo diet!


Zucchini basil frittata – Egg-based breakfast dishes are a staple of the paleo diet (since cereal, oatmeal and baked goods are out). This was a super easy dish that I threw together with the aid of my food processor shredding attachment and some basil from the garden. I think it would be even better with the addition of some tomato next time! Note: the instructions call for a 20 min bake, but mine took closer to an hour (I think my pan wasn’t as shallow as the one she used)

Chorizo sweet potato hash – This is a really flavorful hash with chorizo, sweet potato and herbs. I like to make a big batch on weekends, then heat it up before work and add a sunny-side egg on top.

Plantain waffles/pancakes – I buy green plantains every week so I can make these on the weekend for breakfast. The recipe is so easy (plantain, eggs, baking soda, coconut oil, salt and vanilla extract in the blender) and works for either waffles or pancakes. I’ve even served it to my non-paleo family members and gotten the thumbs up!0612160752_HDR


I’ve gotten into the habit of cooking a bunch of meals on Sunday or weekday nights and bringing leftovers for lunch, so I think any of these meals are great for either lunch or dinner.

Asian cauliflower fried rice – This dish requires a bit of assembly, but can be made in bulk and heated up throughout the week (and is very tasty!). I added ground beef to bulk up the dish and add protein.

Chicken bacon rice bowl – When I first made this, I thought it was just okay, until I ate the next day and day after – I think this one gets better and better with a little time to allow the flavors to permeate the cauli-rice.

Tuna avocado wraps – these are a staple in our household! We have canned tuna, jalapeno, and avocado on hand most of the time so if we’re in a hurry or don’t feel like cooking, we can assemble this fast and easy dinner.

Cracklin’ chicken – I’ve been wanting to try this uber-popular recipe from Michelle Tam for a while, but was always hesitant because I don’t have a cast-iron pan (I’ve heard it scratches glass-top stoves?). I decided to give it a try anyway in a regular non-stick, and it came out great! Crispy skin and juicy meat. I think the key is not flipping/moving the chicken around more than necessary.0613161925_HDR

Cherry steak skewers – Another Nom Nom Paleo winner – I’ve made these twice under the broiler and they always turn out great.

What’s one great recipe you’ve tried lately?


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