{Workout Log} Cross-Training and Zero Miles

Last Week’s Workouts

I had a bit of set-back last week – I was experiencing some pain in the top of my foot/ankle when running and even walking, so I took it pretty easy the first half of the week and planned to get my mileage in later in the week if possible. By Thursday, it was feeling better so I attempted a short run but almost immediately turned around due to the recurring discomfort. At that point, I did the smart thing (albeit reluctantly) and crossed off all my runs for the week and replaced them with cross-training =\

Mon: rest day

Tue: AM Lava Barre class – this class felt more doable than even a week before, but my legs still shook like crazy!

Wed: more rest

Thurs: rest (after attempted run)

Fri: 45 min elliptical at my sister’s gym in Boston- I did a 10 min warm-up (levels 3-4), then alternated hard for 1 min (level 10) with easy for 2 min (level 4) for 9 repetitions. I ended with a cooldown ramping up from 4-9 and back down. Followed up with this 7 min strength for runners video.  And later that day – Boda Borg! More on that tomorrow :)

Sat: spin class at Turnstyle Cycle

Sun: spin class at Turnstyle Cycle

Like most runners, I really hate being side-lined by injury and I was strongly tempted to just give up on the week entirely and not work out at all. But I knew that I would feel better if I maintained some level of activity (not to mention fitness gains from cross-training), so I made sure to plan some kind of fun exercise each day in Boston. And I’m so glad I did – I really enjoyed each workout and it helped alleviate #runnersblues. I’m going to get my ankle/foot checked out this week, and hopefully it was just a minor injury that goes away soon *fingers crossed*

Fellow runners, what’s your favorite form of cross-training? Mine used to be yoga, but these days I really look forward to my workouts at the barre!


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