Friday Faves (7/1/16)

Happy Friday friends! I’m writing to you from our comfy futon with our cats by our sides and Zoolander 2 on the TV.  A much needed relaxing night after several weeks of traveling and hosting guests.  This is my Friday Faves post, where I highlight some of the food/running/beauty/fun items I’ve been enjoying lately :)

Applegate Products
I’ve been experimenting with kind-of-Paleo, but my struggle in the past has been that there is only so much regular meat I can eat.  Sausages and cured meats on the other hand? Bring it on.  I found Applegate products in my local supermarket, and tried them out because of their short ingredient list and lack of added sugar or nitrates, which is hard to find. I love the chicken and apple sausage, hot dogs, and pepperoni.0515160758

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray
I have never been a dry shampoo person before; my hair is fine and very straight, and if I go a day without showering it gets very greasy and flat, so I shampoo my hair every day. But lately, I’ve been doing more 2-a-day workouts, with an AM run and an evening yoga or barre session. On the occasions that I sweat a little in the evening, I don’t want to wash my hair again – so I was intrigued when my June Birchbox included this sample, which claims to give your hair volume and texture and can be used in the place of a dry shampoo (no white flakes!). I tried it out after a particularly sweaty evening barre video and was really impressed by how fresh my hair felt immediately and through next day. My hair had a lot of texture and didn’t feel greasy or fall flat at the roots. The full size is pricey ($40 for 8 oz), but I think one can will last me about a year and it’ll be the only hair product I buy :)

Game of Thrones (season 6)
We held off on starting this season of GoT till about early June, and then gave in when we heard all of our friends raving about how good it was. And it is! To tell the truth, I’ve enjoyed the previous seasons but didn’t find them engrossing – I think maybe it’s the fact that the show is now ahead of the books so the storyline is new? I won’t write any spoilers here in case you haven’t watched the season yet either (but go watch it now so we can talk about it :) We haven’t watched the finale yet – saving it for tonight!

The bad-ass Khaleesi.  Source: Screen Rant

Saucony Kinvara 6
After 3 months of searching and trying out nearly 8 different sneaker models, I think I finally found my new speedwork/ tempo sneakers – Kinvara 6! I didn’t think I’d go back to the Kinvaras, but these are much more cushioned in the front than my Kinvara 3s, and are about the same weight (how do they do it!?). I’ve put about 40 miles on them already and find that their lightness makes for a great speedwork shoe, but they’re cushioned enough to be comfortable for easy/recovery days as well. Tip: I frequently buy my running shoes from Amazon – their prices are usually the lowest and they offer free shipping and returns on many models.


ALL the watermelon
Summertime means watermelon season, and I’ve been buying and chopping up a watermelon on Sundays to eat throughout the week. In addition to snacking on it at all times, I’ve also taken to eating it in salads (greek watermelon salads are the best!) and this year, I branched out to ice pops. I had a watermelon that wasn’t that sweet a few weeks back, so I tried this super simple recipe, and was really impressed with how the addition of a little salt brought out the watermelon’s sweetness!

Have you ever tried fruit in a salad? 


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