{Workout Log} June 27-Jul 3, 24 miles

Hey guys, just checking in over the long weekend to post my workouts from last week! Our weekend has been a perfect mix of low-key and more adventurous activities – I’ll be back with a weekend update tomorrow :) Hope you’re all having a relaxing weekend and celebrating the 4th in your own way.

Last Week’s Workouts

So, last week. I was still feeling some discomfort in the top of my ankle/foot when pointing my toe in the beginning of the week, so I nixed my runs and cross-trained or rested instead. But by Thursday my foot was feeling much better, so I pulled on my softest, most cushioned shoes (the hokas, of course) and ventured out the door for 4 miles, ready to turn back at the first sign of pain. But I actually felt great, so I continued to run the rest of the week with the precautions of no speedwork and wearing my softest shoes.

Mon: rest day

Tue: rest day

Wed: 45 min elliptical workout – 10 min warmup @ level 4, then 8 rounds of 2 min @ level 10-15 followed by 2 min recovery @ level 4. Did a short cooldown @ level 4 and then had to get ready for work.

Thurs: 4 miles outside (9:40 pace) – speedier than I expected! So happy to see I didn’t lose much fitness from a week and half off running. Did a few planks afterwards.

Fri: 5 miles outside (10:16 pace) – nice steady pace on a warm and humid morning. Foot still feeling good, no pain!

Sat: 10 miles w/ Pacers (11:42 pace) – I ran with my buddy MR from a few weeks ago, and her conversation really carried me through this run. I’ve been struggling on my long runs lately, but I just keep telling myself that every run is making me stronger, and it will get easier as the weeks go on – and I know I felt stronger on this run than I did a few weeks ago.  I was proud that I tackled most of the hills during the run. And it didn’t hurt that the run ended at the marina on a gorgeous day :)


Sun: 5 miles outside (10:22 pace) – this was a super-early run; I was out the door by 5:30 AM because we had a fun activity planned for the day – hiking in Shenandoah National Park! More on that tomorrow :) The weather was drizzly, and I debated turning around, but the rain actually kept the temps cool and I felt great the whole time.

So, what was the cause of my foot/ankle pain? I got it checked out on Friday, but the orthopedist couldn’t provide a real diagnosis. There were no visible breaks on the x-ray (thank God), and although a stress fracture might not show up, he thought it unlikely given the fact that I could run on my foot already.  The doc thought it was probably some kind of muscle/bone strain, and advised me to slowly ramp up my physical activity, backing off at the first sign of pain.  I think it might have been from doing speedwork in my old Kinvara 3s a few weeks ago – the shoe is so bendy and doesn’t have much cushion, so I think my forefoot couldn’t handle the shock levels.  I’ll be sticking to less flexible, more cushioned shoes for a while.  Honestly, I’m just happy to be running again :D


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