{Weekend Fun} Hiking and Racing (sort of)

Our holiday weekend started off Friday night with a movie on a couch and a summer staple for dinner: okra/tomato/andouille/onion saute, which is just as simple as it sounds!0823151745

Saturday was the perfect blend of activity/ in-activity – a long run followed by an afternoon at the movie theaters! Reclining leather seats + soda + hot dog  = heaven.  We watched Now You See Me 2, which was just as entertaining as the first one.  It’s a fun blend of illusion and danger, and I didn’t feel stressed because I knew the good guys would prevail in the end (don’t they usually? haha).

Source: WeLiveEntertainment.com

On Sunday, I got up at 5:10 AM (yup, it was rough) for a 5 mile run – surprisingly, not too rough given my long run the day before, and soo awesome to have the paths to myself.  Afterwards, I got ready for our next activity – a hike! Vivian, Bell and I had such a good time hiking in Shenandoah National Park a few weeks ago that we decided to go again this weekend, accompanied by Mike and another friend Edna.  I picked the 4-mile, moderately strenuous Rose River Run Loop, which goes by several streams and nice waterfalls.  The weather forecast called for rain, but it turned out to be cloudy and cool – perfect hiking weather!


Loved this picture of Bell with her adorable dog

0703161025a_HDR9049The hike was fairly easy on the way down, if a little steep – but we paid for all the declines with the constant climb in the second half.  The trail took us about 2.5 hrs including photo/water stops.  I was definitely sweating by the end – great cross-training :) Can’t wait to go back!

We stopped in Sperryville on the way back for a burger at the Thornton River Grille, some antique-browsing and a quick visit to our favorite distillery – Copper Fox.

This burger was so, so good.  Juicy and flavorful, it really hit the spot after 3 hrs of hiking!

We did a taste testing at Copper Fox, and ended up getting a bottle of our favorite blue top malt whiskey – it’s aged in a port barrel, which lends the whiskey a sweet and spicy finish.  Probably my favorite whiskey right now!0703161457_HDRAfter all these activities, it’s maybe no surprise that I woke up really sore on Monday morning.  I got up at 6 AM, ate a little snack with coffee, and headed out at 7 towards Fairfax for the Freedom 5K by Potomac River Running.  The weather was cloudy, 60s and a little humid, and there was a pretty good turn-out – maybe about 5000 people? I felt great during the first mile (~8:45), but started to quickly fade in the second mile, thanks to the humidity and my super tired legs.  It didn’t take me long to decide that I didn’t want to finish – I knew I could have done it, but I knew each mile would have been slower and more painful than the last.  I turned around and walked back with no regrets; I’ll do another 5K race or timed run in a few weeks and maybe not hike 3 hours and run 5 miles the day before…  Also, I would have missed this beautiful pond, which I passed on the way back!0704160818_HDRNo BBQ in the evening, sadly – it was rainy and dreary, so we opted for a cheese and wine night and a relaxing evening together :)IMG_20160704_173618


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