{Workout Log} July 4-10, 28 miles

Hi friends! Writing to you after a low-key weekend here. It was so hot that we only ventured outside to food shop, go to the movies and church :)

My mint plant has been growing with such enthusiasm that I snipped a few stalks to make #mintjuleps on Friday night
Kind and Kashi bars for work/hiking snacks and a big bottle of lemon verbena cleaner concentrate from a Target trip after my long run!
I’m convinced the perfect recovery activity after a long run is an afternoon at the movies. We went right around lunchtime so I got a hot dog, Mike got chicken fingers, and popcorn to share. Along with the water bottle and chips in my purse because #asian haha

Last Week’s Workouts

Mon: ~2 miles (aborted Freedom 5K) – I drove up to Fairfax on Monday morning for my first race of the year, but as excited as I was, I realized very quickly that my legs were lead after all the activities of the weekend (hiking, long run, lots of walking).  My first mile was pretty speedy at 8:46, but my legs realllly slowed down and I ran about another half mile at an 10:00+ pace.  That’s when I decided it just wasn’t worth it for me to push through, so I called it quits and walked/jogged back to the car.  I’ll be smarter about resting my legs before my next race.

Tue: Lavabarre (review coming soon)! We did tons of core work in this class and I was sore that evening and all the next day.

Wed: 3 mile tempo run (9:02 pace) – My goal was to run 3 miles at my desired marathon race pace (~9:10), but as soon as I stepped outside and felt the humidity and heat – 76 degrees at 5:45 AM! – I knew it was going to be a challenge.  I did a 1 mile warm-up, then settled into my tempo, aiming for a hard but comfortable pace.  I only looked at my watch when I was close to finishing the first mile, and was shocked to see a sub-9 pace, given the weather conditions.  I kept pushing through, stopping to drink water in the 2nd mile, and slowed my pace to ensure I would have something in mile 3.  Mile 3 was tough and I stopped a bunch of times to slow my heart rate down, but I got it done.  Paces – 8:50, 9:06, 9:10.  1 mile cooldown afterwards and planks in the evening.

Thurs: 6 miles easy on T/M (9:58 pace) – I tried this run outside in the morning and the humidity just about destroyed me, so I decided to try it again in the afternoon after work on the treadmill.  I had just a little over an hour to workout and shower when I got home because we had small group, so I jumped on the treadmill downstairs and kept my pace on the “faster easy” side. TV wasn’t working, so I turned on the dance playlist on Spotify and did 2 miles easy (5.4-6.0 pace), 2 miles with small hills (30 sec-1 min incline of 1 to 3, followed by at least 1 min recovery), and 2 miles with short burst of speed (30 sec-1 min increase to 6.2-6.8, followed by at least 1 min recovery). Not the most interesting run of the week, but I got them done :)

Fri: Rest day! I did this easy yoga video and a short core workout.

Sat: 10 miles w/ Pacers (11:30 pace) – this was a HOT and humid run, and I almost didn’t show up, knowing how hot it would be – but I told myself that learning to run in tough conditions would make me that much stronger.  It wasn’t too bad when we started (some shade, mid-70s), but the temps quickly climbed into the 80s and I was really struggling in the sun, especially in the 2nd half of the run.  My running buddy was out, so I focused on my running form and took a short water break every mile or half mile.  I filled my pack with ice and water with some Gatorade (for electrolytes and calories), and took a gu at the halfway point, and given the conditions, I actually felt this run went pretty well.  I know that slow pace in the heat will translate to speedy miles in the fall! Short core workout in the afternoon.

This pack was empty by the end of the run

Sun: 5 miles easy (10:05 pace) – Nice and cool weather for this run, not too bad!

How are you dealing with the heat where you live?


2 thoughts on “{Workout Log} July 4-10, 28 miles

  1. Sister J

    love the round up! the mint julep looks GREAT, and lemon verbena is my favorite mrs meyers scent because of you :). also, now i’m really inspired to treat myself at the movies – what did you watch? x

    1. Thanks J! Haha, I spent a good 10 min at Target after my run, sniffing every scent (I must have looked a little crazy and dehydrated) – still like lemon verbena the best. We watched Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, which was just okay – lots of dumb humor IMO. Sat afternoon at the movies are quickly becoming one of our favorite activities – the reclining seats are key!!

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