Hanson’s Richmond Week 1 (30 miles)

Hey friends! Hope you had an awesome weekend.  We spent most of ours indoors due to the heat – is it just me, or is it just a little hotter this year that it has been in the past? We did go to the Falls Church farmers market on Sat after my run – we picked up some delicious pizza and a great jar of habanero pickles.  Pickles and pizza!0716161211_HDRDinner that night was pretty great too – I made us poke bowls using this recipe for the soy-wasabi marinade and mayo sriracha sauce, and topped them with avocado, cucumbers, radish slices, and salmon roe mmmm.0716161728_HDR

Richmond Marathon Training: Week 1

As I mentioned last week, I’m training for Richmond in November using the Hanson Marathon Method, with some modifications to customize the plan to my needs. More details on that here.  This was a solid week of training, and my first 30 mile week this year! So thankful that the hamstring injury and sleep issues from the first half of the year are behind me and running feels GOOD again.
plan part 1
Mon: 10 X 400 meters on the treadmill – Whew, this was a tough one. The goal was to run intervals from an 8:00-8:24 pace, with 400 meter jogging recoveries in between. I did a mile warm-up from 5.4-6.0, then started my intervals at 1.0 incline and 7.1-7.3 speed with the prescribed 400 meters recovery (mostly walk, a little jog). After five of these, I lowered the incline to 0 and did my next five intervals at 7.4-7.6 speed, and followed it all up with a 1 mile cool-down. I was able to hit the slower end of the prescribed paces, but my recoveries were mostly walking instead of a slow jog, so I have a ways to go. In case you’re curious, I use this treadmill hill conversion chart to determine what speeds to hit to meet the required paces.  Core work afterwards.

Tue: Lavabarre again! I can tell all the little muscles in my legs are starting to get stronger, and I’m excited to have healthy legs/knees heading into marathon training this year :)

Wed:4 miles outside (9:58 pace) – I used this run to break in my new pair of Hoka Clifton 2s and it looks like I’m going to love them as much as the originals – my feet felt really comfortable the whole time.  Core work in the afternoon.0711161940a_HDR

Thurs: 3 miles race pace (5 total) outside – I did a one mile warmup, and then eased into my race pace (goal 9:09), determined not to go out too fast like last time. I hit my first mile in 9:02 and felt pretty good, and went on to finish the race pace miles with an average of 9:04. I had to take a short break during the second and third miles because my heart rate was too high (I think it’s the humidity/heat) but otherwise felt pretty good. Cooldown mile and then a short strength routine at home.

Fri: rest day – did some light yoga (yin yoga for hamstrings and hips felt great) and core work

Sat: 10 miles with Pacers (10:33 pace) – the plan called for 8 miles, but based on the trail they sent out, I realized 10 miles would be a better turning around point, so I decided to do that and cut Sunday’s mileage.  We ran from Daingerfield Marina down the Mt Vernon trail and across the Woodrow Wilson bridge, with optional mileage down to National Harbor.  Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 12.50.55 PMThis was actually one of my best long runs in a while, thanks in part to the flatter course! I was also happy that I made it across the bridge, because there was this awesome little park up there that I wouldn’t have found otherwise:0716160808_HDR0716160808a_HDR
Such a great confidence-building run! I followed it up with some core work in the afternoon.

Sun: 4 easy miles on the T/M (10:35 pace) – I cut my planned 6 down to match the weekly mileage on the plan. I didn’t have the motivation to run in the morning, so I did the run on the treadmill in the afternoon. Whatever works! Followed by a short strength training session at home.


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