Hanson’s Richmond Week 2 (32 miles)

Hey friends! Hope you managed to stay cool this weekend, wherever you’re at. We stayed inside most of the time, with the exception of a couple of hours on Saturday – we volunteered at a food truck rally hosted by our church!0723161140_HDR We showed up a little early before our noon shift to grab some food ourselves.  I’m not a big lobster fan, but I can’t turn down lobster rolls in the summer – especially from Luke’s Lobster.0723161149a_HDRWe were volunteering as parking attendants, so knowing we’d be out in the hot sun, I came prepared – hydration pack filled with ice and water, hat/ sunglasses and lots of sunscreen, and a cooling towel (you soak it and snap it and it stays cold).  Our 2 hour shift was no joke – it was 117 degrees when we left.
0723161421We did some food shopping on Sunday and I made a Blue Apron meal for lunch – Serrano pepper and goat cheese burgers.  This was soo good – our second favorite meal from BA yet!  Mike loved the zucchini slaw and I was a big fan of the serrano-infused agave nectar used to top the burgers.0724161203_HDR

Richmond Marathon Training: Week 2

This was my second week of Richmond marathon training using my customized Hanson Marathon Method.  The weather was really hot and humid this week, as I’m sure it was for most of the country, but I did my best to get my miles in – even if it meant running on the treadmill.  No run felt great, but we all have weeks like that, right?
plan part 1
Mon: 12 X 400 meters on the treadmill – I was tired for this run, and it showed halfway through. 1 mile warmup, followed by 4 intervals at 7.4 speed and 400 meter jog/walk recovery, 2 intervals at 7.1 speed and 1.0 incline with same recovery, and then 6 intervals at 7.4 speed with 0 incline. I was so tired after 6-7 repeats, but I just took slightly longer recoveries (and walked most of the time) and used mental strategies like counting my steps to get myself through the rest of the workout. Felt good when I was done! Core work in the evening.

Tue: Lavabarre again! I tried the TRX class this time and was exhausted within minutes.  Let’s be honest, I do like 20 push-ups a year and have the upper body strength of an octogenarian so this class was really challenging.  Maybe it’s time to add more upper body work to my strength days ;)

Wed: impromptu rest day – I felt SO tired after Tuesday’s training (and my quads were sore) so I decided to take my rest day a little earlier this week.  I did some light yoga.

Thurs: 3 miles (10:13 pace) – I left the house pretty late (8 AM) and it was already close to 80 degrees and 80% humidity when I started my run.  My goal was to do a half mile warmup, 4 miles at race pace, and a half mile cooldown.  The first mile and a half of my race pace were great (~9:00 pace), but I started to feel exhausted and took a short breather.  When I started to run again, I could NOT get my legs moving, and decided to cut the run short and try again tomorrow.

Fri: 4 miles race pace (5.5 miles total) –  I left the house a lot earlier (6:45 AM) but the weather conditions were worse than the day before – same temp but 90% humidity.  All the same, I managed to push through my race pace miles with the aid of frequent breaks (probably 1-2 each mile).  My legs weren’t having trouble keeping up with the pace (I had to pull back at times), but I just didn’t feel great the entire run.  My pace for the 4 miles was 9:04, so just a little faster than my goal of 9:09.  I know I should be running these miles without stopping, but right now I’m just proud of myself for pushing through tough conditions :)

Sat: 5.5 easy miles (10:18 pace) – Since I ran a workout on Friday, I pushed my long run to Sunday and ran easy miles on Saturday.  It was still hot/humid out, but I just ran whatever pace felt easy and focused on steady breathing.

Sun: 10 miles on treadmill (10:35 pace) – It was so hot in the morning (sense a theme? lol) that I decided to sleep in and do my run on the treadmill in the afternoon.  The treadmill surface didn’t feel great and all my joints hurt, but I watched TV and got it done.  I extended my run from the planned 8 miles to make up for the short run on Thursday.


3 thoughts on “Hanson’s Richmond Week 2 (32 miles)

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  2. Sister J

    117 degrees?!?!?! wow, that towel was definitely necessary. love your commitment to sunscreen :). i’d read a sunscreen post!! <3

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