My Long Run Routine

Saturday mornings are my favorite part of the weekend, and I genuinely look forward to my long runs all week.  They’re so hard (especially in the summer!) but make me feel accomplished and I know each one is bringing me closer to meeting big running goals. I thought it would be fun to share today what my long run prep and post-run recovery look like!


My prep for the long run starts the day before, where I hydrate ALL DAY.  I always drink a lot at work, but on Fridays I aim to fill up my 24 oz bottle 4 times, and continue drinking water/herbal tea at night.

Friday PM: I set out my clothes and hydration pack with gels and my car key, bake plantain bread for breakfast, make a PB+J sandwich, and brew coffee and stick it in the fridge. I pack up my gym bag with the sandwich, a magazine, wallet, sunglasses and visor, hand and face wipes, and a car seat towel cover.


6 AM: My watch alarm goes off and I pull on my running clothes and slather on sunscreen and lubricant before I get a chance to change my mind and go back to bed ;) I grab my coffee (mixed with milk and ice) and plantain bread and eat at the computer to check the weather and the route that the Pacers running group leaders sent out the day before.0611160600_HDR
6:30 AM: Time to leave! I use the restroom, quickly water my plants, fill the hydration bladder with lots of ice and water and head to the car.0709160635_HDR
6:45 AM: Meet the running group @ location. Today’s run is an out-and-back from Daingerfield Marina.  Sonia goes over the route and mileage options, and we pair off by pace and distance.

7:00 AM: Start running! I’m going for 1o miles today…

9:00 AM: Back at the car. I stretch a little, then sit down in the car to eat my sandwich and drink more water.  I’m not always that hungry, but I try to eat some of the sandwich because the immediate protein/carbs help me from feeling rungry all day.0702160931b

9:15 AM: Back at home – shower time! I drink a cold glass of orange juice first (tastes like heavenly nectar), put my dirty clothes in the hamper and stick the hydration bladder in the sink. The backpack goes into a delicates bag and into the washing machine, and is later hung to dry.

I spend the rest of the day resting and stretching my legs a little (foam rolling feels terrible but wonderful) and continuing to hydrate like crazy. I frequently get dehydration headaches so I make sure I’m downing a glass of water every 2 hours or so.

Do you have a routine for your long runs or weekend workouts?


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