Friday Faves – A New Food Obsession

Hey friends! I’m publishing super late today – I didn’t get a chance to catch up on blogging earlier this week like I usually do because I was traveling for work. Glad to be back in DC!

Kale from our garden – Our balcony garden is growing so well, and the kale is definitely the star! The plants are growing bigger and bigger every day, and we’ve been using the leaves in salads and soups. I planted them in three rows, so I’ve been picking the plants in the middle to allow the ones near the edges to grow even bigger.0715160637a_HDR 0718161820_HDR

Living room makeover – After watching episode after episode of HGTV’s Fixer Upper, I got some ideas for a mini-makeover for our living room. As much light as the room gets, it’s felt really dark because of the abundance of espresso/black furniture, so I replaced the rug with a soft ivory/gray shag and added an accent color with new slate blue curtains for the balcony sliding door. I also softened up all the sunlight we get by adding sheer panel curtains. All in all, $400 well spent – I really enjoy spending time in our living room now.

Old curtain (I hated the pulley system here)0704160944_HDR
New curtains (and new double curtain rod!)0712161732_HDR
Old rug (a random rug off Craigslist)0516151102
New rug (this one from Overstock with great reviews)0717161157_HDR

Makeup remover wipes – I love the idea of makeup removing wipes for travel and on-the-go, but hadn’t found any that really worked for me (I typically wear waterproof eye makeup) until we stayed at a Holiday Inn earlier this year and they had these complimentary La Fresh individually packaged wipes. As soon as I tried them, I knew these were different – the individual packaging ensures the wipe stays moist, my stubborn waterproof mascara came off with just a few swipes, and my skin felt so clean afterwards. I ordered a case (of 200!! They’ll last me a while ;) on Amazon and have been using them to remove makeup before active afternoon events (like SUP) and when traveling. 0608161925_HDR

All the pickles – A few weeks ago, I became obsessed with pickles (last year, it was Castelvetrano olives), and I’ve been eating them nearly every meal and going through about a jar a week (yep, my obsessions are no joke…but they usually burn out fast). The best ones I’ve had so far are these habenero pickles from the Falls Church farmers market – I’m going to try to make them myself! 0720161813_HDR

This yoga styles infographic – I had no idea so many different practices of yoga existed. I usually favor vinyasa/power yoga styles, but have been incorporating yin yoga lately for the awesome stretches. (Found through Fit Bottomed Girls)

Have you ever had a food obsession? How long did it take to burn out/ go away? My olive obsession was around for a good 2-3 months and we went to Whole Foods or The Fresh Market to buy a container from the olive bar every week – and then one day, I looked at the half-empty container in the fridge and decided I was done, lol.


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