Hanson’s Richmond Week 3 (21 miles)

Hi friends! Hope you had an awesome weekend.  Highlights around here were a 12 mile treadmill run (!!) followed by dim sum, the new Star Trek movie in theaters, a taco night with friends, and the usual church + food shopping on Sunday.  Whew, it was a busy one by our standards.0730161137_HDR

Richmond Marathon Training: Week 3

This was my third week of Richmond marathon training using my customized Hanson Marathon Method.  I didn’t get in a lot of the planned runs done unfortunately – I was on work travel Mon-Weds to a military base down in Louisiana, and then was sick/ tired afterwards.  Thankfully, this is still pretty early on in my training, so I think as long as I get back on the train this week, I’ll still be on track for my goals.
plan part 1
Mon: Rest day – travel day to Louisiana and lots of meetings

Tue: Rest day – I slept poorly in the hotel because there were mosquitoes in my room, so I slept in and didn’t run

Wed: 8 X 600 meters outside (6.75 miles total) – I normally do my speedwork on the treadmill, but we were staying on base and I wasn’t sure I would be able to access the gym, so I mapped out a loop run on Map My Run. It worked out perfectly – I jogged for half a mile to the loop, which turned out to be on a golf course and almost exactly 600 meters. There was a water fountain on the loop as well, which turned out to be a life-saver when I started flagging after the first couple of intervals (I didn’t carry water). I aimed for 10 seconds slower than the end of my desired pace range (8:03-8:24) to account for the heat/humidity and did better than I expected, with paces ranging from 8:18 to 8:31. This was probably my favorite run of the week – interval workouts just fly by!

Thurs: Rest day – I wasn’t feeling well after getting in at midnight the day before =\

Fri: Aborted race pace run on the T/M – I did a mile warmup, then one mile at race pace before feeling myself really fade.  This should have been a doable run for me, but I think I still wasn’t feeling well

Sat: 12 miles on treadmill (10:15 pace) – The forecast called for morning thunderstorms, so I skipped the run with Pacers and got it done on the treadmill.  Two and a half episodes of Law and Order: SVU later, it was done!

Sun: ~0.25 miles – I headed outside for a 6-8 mile easy run, but felt exhausted and sick a few minutes in and had a side stitch I couldn’t get rid of.  I decided it wasn’t worth pushing through, so I headed back and did some weights

My total mileage was about 21 miles, much lower than the planned 34, but I got in two key workouts (interval and long run), and as long as I ramp up next week to 33-34 miles, I’ll still be on track to ramp up my mileage slowly and hit week 5 and beyond mileage goals.


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