{Friday Faves} How to clean a hydration pack

It’s Friday!! We’ll be knocking off one of the items on my summer bucket list tomorrow – an outdoor concert at Wolf Trap! I’ve always wanted to go to one of the summer concerts where you can get cheap spots out on the lawn (and bring a picnic). We also love the music of the 90s, so when we saw that 98 Degrees was performing, it was a no brainer. But before I pull up my 90s Boy Bands station on Pandora, it’s time for some Friday Faves:

This tee

Source: Etsy

I can’t read this tee without cracking up- probably because we have a cat named Kitty and I happen to find unintentional grammatical goofs hilarious. Don’t worry Kitty, you’re safe…for now ;)DSC04620
Poshmark – I’m sure most of you are familiar with this second-hand retail website, but I’ve been using eBay for most of my second-handed clothes so I didn’t discover it till recently! I loooove buying second-handed clothes – so much of the clothing is barely worn and goes for so much lower than full price. I recently picked up a J. Crew pencil skirt for $15, J. Crew oversized cozy cardigan for $30, and an Ann Taylor lace top for $10!

Kashi Savory Bars -I’ve been eating a lot of granola/nut bar snacks at work lately, and was intrigued when I found these on sale at Target. I picked up a box of the basil, white bean and olive oil flavor and immediately liked it. It’s a lot like a Triscuit or other savory cracker with more of a crumbly bar texture.

Eddie the Eagle movie– Mike and I rented this movie for a random Friday night and LOVED it. It’s about the 1988 Olympic British ski jumper who inspired the world – such a funny, touching and inspiring story. I highly recommend it and it’s so appropriate now that the Rio Olympics are here!

Source: Beliefnet.com
Source: Beliefnet.com

Speculoos ice cream – If you love Trader Joe’s cult cookie spread, it’ll come as no surprise that this ice cream is straight up addictive. It’s a vanilla base with chunks and swirls of cookie butter mixed in….mmm.  It’s tied with burnt caramel (from Tosci’s in Boston) as my favorite ice cream flavor right now.

One step cleaner for hydration packs – I’ve always washed out my hydration bladder after long runs, but it started to acquire a funny taste (like almond lotion) that I couldn’t get rid of with dish soap and hot water. I was about to buy a box of Camelbak cleaner tablets on Amazon, when I saw reviews recommending the cheaper one step cleaner, which is an oxygen-based powder used to clean home-brew equipment. It’s non-toxic, leaves no taste and doesn’t require rinsing somehow (which I do anyway).0806161124a_HDR (1)

I love how easy and fast it is to use; I just fill the pack with warm water, add about half a tablespoon of the powder, and let it sit for a minute or two. I then detach the tubing from the pack and use a long wire brush to scrub it out a few times before letting everything air dry. The best part: the lotion taste is gone! An 8oz tub cost me about $8 and will last me at least 30 cleanings.

(FYI: I put the backpack itself – minus the bladder – into the washing machine in a delicates bag and hang dry)

Have a great Friday and weekend! I’ll see you back here on Monday with another training update.


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