Hanson’s Richmond Week 5 (36 Miles)

Hi friends! Checking in after a hot, hot weekend in DC. We stayed inside most of the time, but ventured out on Saturday for a 98 Degrees concert at Wolf Trap! We brought a little picnic for the lawn prior to the show, and then moved to the covered seats to better see the stage.0813161800_HDR The throwback to the 90’s concert included Dream, Ryan Cabrera, O-town, and 98 Degrees – so fun to see them all live.  It seemed like the performers really enjoyed getting back on tour after a decade or so off ;)13996108_10100936919208198_6915609208378706242_oRichmond Marathon Training: Week 5
Whew, last week was a tough one thanks to some of the highest heat/humidity conditions this summer. My #1 goal was to get in the mileage wherever possible, and that meant the treadmill for 3 runs.  I had to quit both of my workouts (speedwork and race pace runs) early because I just wasn’t hitting the paces in the heat – but I know (hope?) conditions will improve over the next couple of weeks and I’ll get a better sense of where I am then.
plan part 1
Mon: Rest day – legs were suuper tired. I did some light yoga at home.

Tue: Attempted 5 X 1000 meter workout outside (5.3 miles total) – My legs were still so tired – I got through the warmup and 3 and a half repeats before giving up and jogging home. It was actually the coolest morning in a while, below 70 degrees, but my intervals got slower and slower. I think I need to focus on recovery after workouts – rolling, stretching and all that :)

Wed: 2 miles on treadmill (10:29 pace) and weights – I wasn’t planning to run today, but I ran a little just to get my legs moving and make up for the shortened mileage on Tuesday.

Thurs: 7 easy miles outside (10:12 pace) – this was supposed to be a 6 mile race pace (RP) run, but after my short warmup, I managed about 2 miles around race pace but felt my legs really slow down in the third mile.  Despite multiple breaks, I couldn’t get anywhere near the pace again, so I decided to get in the miles at whatever pace felt doable since I have another opportunity to hit 6 RP miles next week.

Fri: 5 easy miles outside (10:35 pace) – nice, easy run.  Nothing special, but it felt good to hit a steady pace in the heat.

Sat: 5 easy miles on T/M (10:49 pace) – DC was under a heat advisory this weekend, and it was 90 degrees by the time I woke up – treadmill it was! I was hoping to get my long run done outside on Sunday, so I switched the two runs and did the shorter one on Saturday.

Sun: 12 miles on T/M (10:44 pace) – I ended up doing this run on the treadmill too, and it actually wasn’t too bad.  I downloaded a movie and just zoned out, stopping for a min or two every 4 miles or so.  I forgot a gel, so I ate a couple of sour gummy bears that I found in my gym bag every 2-4 miles.

What’s your favorite running fuel? Probably margarita shot bloks!


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