Richmond Marathon Plan (Part 2)

I’m 5 weeks into my marathon training plan, so it’s time to publish the next segment, which started this past Monday (here’s the first five weeks, if you missed it).  The next 5 weeks include more speedwork, faster paced long runs in the last 3 weeks (they’ll be done at ~ 1 min faster than race pace, versus the easy paced runs I’ve been doing so far), and increases in mileage, mostly coming from the addition of another run on Friday.

Richmond Marathon Training Plan: Weeks 6-10plan part 2

As before, I’ve adapted the plan to fit where I am in my training.  While most of the plan is taken straight from the Hanson’s Marathon Beginner Plan, here are a few ways I’ve customized it:
1. Added in races – It’s been a while since I’ve toed the starting line of a race, and I definitely don’t want Richmond to be the first time I’m racing this year, simply because I’ll be better mentally prepared for racing if I do it a little more.  South Lakes 10K will be my first true race of the year, and a good opportunity to see where I’m at with my speed and endurance.  I’m also running a local half in week 9, but will be using it as a supported long run instead of trying to race.
2. Speedwork from advanced plan – I started speedwork in weeks 1-5, so I’m continuing to do speedwork as prescribed by the Hanson’s advanced plan.
3. Ramp up race pace runs more linearly – The beginner plan jumps from 5 to 8 miles for the race pace (RP) runs, but I’ve chosen to ramp up more linearly by adding a mile or so to my RP run each week.
4. Adjusted mileage to 10% increase or less – The Hanson’s plans are a little aggressive in mileage additions each week, but I know I tend to get injured when my mileage jumps too much.  To keep a 10% increase or less week by week, I made adjustments like adding 2 miles to the 10 miler in week 8 to ensure weekly mileage increase was less than 10% going into the next week.
5. Long runs on Saturday – For the most part, I’ve kept long runs on Saturday to do them with Pacers.

I’m continuing to be pretty flexible about moving days around as necessary week by week – my one principle is to keep at least one easy day or rest day between workouts (speed, race pace, and long runs).  This segment looks pretty doable right now since I’ve already done two 12 milers and they weren’t that bad – although the faster paced long runs are making me nervous.  My general goal is to meet the weekly mileage and do the best I can with pace – my current training paces are aimed at a 4 hr marathon, and I’ll have a better idea of how doable that is by the end of this segment.  Wish me luck!


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