Hanson’s Richmond Marathon Week 6 (26 Miles)

Oof. I am coming off a rough weekend/ week. I’ve caught the cold that will NOT go away – I feel like I’ve been sick for weeks. My cough is nearly gone though, and I think I’m re-gaining my appetite, so hopefully I’m on the up and up! Highlights from the weekend included an early anniversary dinner at Pineapple and Pearls (more on that in another post!) and a trip down to Richmond to see my mom’s new place!

My brother and mom, aren’t they cute?
I brought some cake slices and a cup cake from Breeze Bakery!

Richmond Marathon Training: Week 6
Last week did not go as planned thanks to this darn cold. I did a bunch of treadmill runs but no hard workouts and no long run. I think I did the best I could given my condition, and hopefully this week will go better.plan part 2

Mon: 4 miles on T/M (10:52 pace)

Tue: Rest day, felt awful

Wed:6 miles on the T/M (10:42 pace) – I knew I was too tired to do the prescribed 5 X 1200 workout, so I did a short speedwork session with 1, 2, 3, and 4 mins at 7.3 speed with 2-3 min recovery jog in between each. I finished out the run at an easy pace.

Thurs: 5 miles on the T/M (10:31 pace)

Fri: 5 miles on the T/M (9:58 pace) – I tried to maintain a few tempo miles after the warmup, but felt exhausted after 1 mile at the higher speed, so I backed off and did more easy miles.

Sat: 6 miles outside (11:24 pace) – it was pretty hot outside (mid 80s) by the time I got outside, and I was pretty dehydrated the last half of my run because I finished off my handheld water and the water fountain on my route was not working. But at least I made it outside once this week!

Sun: Rest day (no long run) – I debated running 12 on the treadmill to get in my mileage for the week, but I felt so tired that I decided a rest day would actually be better for me. One skipped long run so early in my training cycle shouldn’t make any difference.


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