Friday Faves – a new jerky find

Hi friends! Hope you have some good plans this weekend – we’ll be celebrating our anniversary (5 years!!), I’ll be running a race on Sunday, going to game night with a friend at the library, and cleaning house because my bf from high school will be in town next week! Oh, and my first football game tonight – we have tickets to a Redskins preseason game at FedEx Field.  Here’s hoping I get healthy sometime soon :) Time for the usual Friday Faves round up:

Korean BBQ jerky from Costco – you guys, this stuff is bomb. A friend brought some on a hiking trip and we were totally hooked. As a jerky fiend, I love the sweet and salty combo and the softer texture of the pork jerky.0804161907_HDR

Blue Apron lemongrass chicken burger with hoisin mayo – BA has been killing it on the burger front; Mike and I rate each BA meal and this was one of the rare meals that rated 5 stars from each of us (reserved for meals that we could eat every week). All the aromatics in the burger combined with the hoisin mayo really made for a complex flavor profile and a restaurant quality burger.0813161215_HDR

NYX HD finishing powder – I’ve been looking for a pressed powder version of my favorite tarte setting powder for travel and was so happy to find this drugstore dupe! At $10, it’s a third of the price of the tarte powder ;) It works just as well (with either version, you don’t want to use a lot because it’ll start to give your face a whitish cast). I’ve been turning to finishing/setting powder a lot this summer for a more matte look.0802161621_HDR

Podcasts while running – After a couple of months of running with no music, I’ve been getting a little bored on my runs – so podcasts to the rescue! I finally finished season 1 of Serial and am a few episodes into season 2, which follows the story of Bowe Bergdahl, the U.S. soldier who was captured by the Taliban for several years and was accused of desertion upon release. Maybe I’ll actually finish this season in one shot ;)

Madame Secretary – I was so excited when the second season of this show came out on Netflix! If you like political/military/intelligence dramas at all (e.g. House of Cards, Homeland), give this one a shot.  I love seeing the positive and realistic portrayal of the McCord power couple working through career and family challenges day to day.


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