Hanson’s Richmond Marathon Week 7 (5.5 Miles)

Hey friends! Coming to you late after a fun packed weekend. Our first activity: a Redskins vs Bills preseason game on Friday night – my first football game ever!

I picked up my tee from Poshmark for $7 – best decision ever

Back in May, we won tickets to a Redskins game in a missions auction held by our church, and the man who donated the tickets generously also gave us tickets to a pre-season game as well. Traffic was horrendous on the way to the stadium, we couldn’t find our parking spot and ended up being about 10 min late, but we were so stoked once we got to the stadium. I studied up on football and the Redskins team roster prior to the game so I wouldn’t look like a total noob, and for once really enjoyed the game. First quarter was a little dismal, but the Redskins came out ahead after an exciting second quarter (21-6 I think).

Second touchdown for the Redskins! #httr

We left at halftime since the starters were done playing, and spent the next 40 min wandering around in the dark trying to find our car, lol (eventually found it after driving around in an uber). We know where to park next time though, so we joked that the pre-season game was a dress rehearsal for us fans as much as it was for the team.

We slept in on Saturday morning, and decided to check out the Courthouse farmer’s market, which is open on Saturdays till noon. We picked up some bone marrow, some pickling cucumbers, fresh cream (we’re lactose intolerant, but my dairy-loving bff is coming to stay with us this week), a baguette, and some nitro coffee! I’ve been curious about this coffee trend, which bubbles nitrogen gas through cold-brew coffee served from a tap (like beer). Mike loved the coffee for its creamy texture and slight sweetness with no sugar added, and while it was definitely the smoothest cup of joe I’ve had, I think I’m just not that picky about my coffee ;)
I spent a few min in the afternoon prepping my first jar of pickles! It was so easy – chop up veggies (I used cukes, habaneros, jalapenos, garlic plus pickling spice), make the brine, pour brine into jar when cool. I didn’t bother with sterilizing and sealing the jars since I know I’ll polish them off in a week once they’re ready ;) I’ll let you know how they are in a few weeks! 0827161629_HDR
I got a haircut in Shirlington in the afternoon and we made a stop at Cheesetique for dinner ingredients to celebrate our 5th anniversary. Cheese night at home is our favorite “easy fancy” meal!0827161722_HDR
We got to try out my anniversary gift – a marble/wood cheeseboard and cheese knives. I think they’ll be getting plenty of use in the future!0827161721_HDR
I did one more easy food project on Sunday – homemade pesto! A great way to use up some of the basil from our balcony garden. We’ll be eating it this week with zucchini noodles for an easy weeknight meal.0828161116_HDR
My last activity on Sunday was so fun – board game night at the Shirlington library with a friend. It was such a great, low-key way to hang out with a bunch of people and try out some new games. The library has 10-15 board games, but people often bring their own and we ended up playing Mysterium and Guillotine with a group of 5-6 people. I’m already looking forward to the next game night in a couple of weeks!

Richmond Marathon Training: Week 7
Yikes. Well, this was the week that didn’t happen, thanks to the most persistent cold I’ve ever had. I was congested and coughing all this week, and even spent a few nights in the guest bed because I didn’t want to wake up Mike with my hacking. After a few dismal runs mid-week, I decided to take the weekend off entirely and just rest. I’m certain this was the right call because I woke up this morning feeling much better.

Mon-Weds: Rest

Thurs: 3.5 miles on treadmill(11:10 pace) – my goal was to attempt a speed workout (5 X 1000), but I barely managed one repeat after the warmup and felt like I was going to fall off the treadmill. I jogged a little more and called it quits.

Fri: 2 miles (11:27 pace) – I set out to do a longish run on Friday, but after about 20 minutes in the 90+% humidity, I didn’t feel great. I ended up stopping around 2 miles and walking back home.

Sat-Sun: rest

At this point, I know that my training has taken a hit from 2 weeks of low mileage, so I’m adjusting my training plan and race goals a little (more on that on Wednesday). Injury/illness during training is nothing new to me, so I’ve learned to take what happens in stride, be flexible and prudent, and give thanks for all the great training weeks I have ahead of me.


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