5 Things We Did in Boston

We just came back from a weekend trip to Boston to see Mike’s sister Elizabeth, Mike’s dad (also visiting), and Mike’s brother Daniel, who just started college! The weather was absolutely perfect (highs in the 70s) and it really started to feel a little like fall.  Here were some of the highlights from the weekend – mostly food, because that’s how we roll ;)

1. Waited 4 hrs for dinner at Neptune Oyster
Mike’s dad’s bday happened to fall within our trip dates, so we decided to try the hottest seafood restaurant in the North End – Neptune Oyster.  We arrived at 3 PM to put our names on the list, only to be informed that our wait time would be approximately 4.5 hours, lol.  So we wandered around the North End and ate a few “snacks”.

lobster rolls from a place a few doors down from Neptune Oyster and cannoli from Mike’s Pastries
Clam chowder from Faneuil Hall yessss

And just as we were about to leave, we received a call from the restaurant that our table was ready! We weren’t hungry after all the food we ate, but we decided to go anyway and just get a little something to eat…you know, like a seafood tower and more lobster rolls, lol.09031619390903161927
2. Tosci’s ice cream0904161912a_hdrBurnt caramel now and forever.  Still my favorite ice cream flavor! The server convinced me to try the hot fudge topping this time and I did not regret it.

3. Brunch at Coppa

Elizabeth took us to this highly rated brunch spot in Boston, and it did not disappoint.  I loved the roasted grapefruit and the shakshuka (eggs poached in tomato sauce).  The food scene in Boston is really thriving!

4. Played with our Airbnb cat Caleb

We opted to rent an Airbnb in Belmont, about 10-15 minutes away from Cambridge since Mike’s dad was renting a car.  The house was beautiful and comfortable (check out that master bath), and came with a resident cat named Caleb! Felt just like home…including the part where Caleb woke us up at 6:30 AM every morning to feed him breakfast, lol.  Good thing we love cats ;)

We spent one day resting at home and watching a few movies, and decided to order just a few sushi rolls for lunch ;)0905161226_hdr

5. Explored the new Boston Public Market

We did do our fair share of walking every day, as most people tend to do in Boston – one of my favorite activities was exploring the new indoor public market! There are a bunch of gourmet food and foodstuff stalls.  If you go, be sure to get one of the fresh mini cider donuts from Red Apple Farm and the fresh seafood at Red’s Best.  If we had another day here, we would have picked up some seafood or meats here and cooked dinner at our place.

We got to check out Elizabeth’s new place and helped her put some Ikea furniture together, which definitely counts as a workout, right? I also got in some decent mileage on the trail around Fresh Pond (fairly close to where we were staying) – 10 miles on Saturday and 12 miles on Sunday.  The only bad news – I took a bad spill on the trail on Sunday around mile 9 and completely scraped up my knees :( I’ll spare you the bloody pic – suffice it to say that my left knee was badly skinned and will take several days to scab over.  Thankfully, no structural damage.

We also got to eat dinner with sister J and Andrew at a Korean BBQ/soup restaurant in Allston. So great to see them again, even for just an hour or two.  I feel so lucky that we got to spend so much time with family this weekend and am already looking forward to them again over Thanksgiving and Christmas!


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