Hanson’s Richmond Marathon Week 8 (36 Miles)

I’m so ready for fall. Unfortunately, it’s still in the 90s here in DC, although it looks like temps might start to fall next week. I’ve been telling myself to enjoy the last few weeks of tank tops and shorts and get in all the heat training I can. Thankfully, we got a bit of a respite in Boston this weekend – highs in the 70s and AM temps in the low 60s, so I took full advantage and got in some mileage!

Richmond Marathon Training: Week 8
Last week went much better than the week prior, although I was still getting over the tail end of my cold. I ended up skipping one of my planned runs, but I made up the mileage over the weekend.
plan part 2 v3

Tues: 5 X 1000 meters on T/M (total 7 miles)- After a 1.5 mile warmup, I ran 1000 meters around 6.8 speed, and jogged 400 meters – repeated 5 times. I had to cut repeats 2 and 5 short (~600 meters), so I did two 400 meter repeats at the end, followed by a cooldown jog for 7 miles. Not ideal, but I was proud of myself for pushing through this workout given I was still dealing with my cold.

Thurs:Planned 6 race pace miles on the T/M (total 7 miles)- After a half mile warmup, I held race pace speed (9:30) for about 2.5 miles before my legs felt like lead. I ended up jogging the rest of the miles and did another half mile for a cooldown.

Sat: 10 miles outside in Boston (10:49 pace) – I headed out to do two loops of the Fresh Pond trail, about a half mile from where we were staying. I felt terrible during the first mile, but I just counted my steps and focused on my podcast and breathing evenly. My legs started to warm up around mile 4 and it showed – the last 5 miles averaged around a 10:30 pace.

Sun: 12 miles outside (11:04 pace) – This was pretty much a repeat of Saturday’s run, with another quarter loop around the pond added in for two more miles. The run was going great till about mile 9 – I took a bad spill on the running trail (the pavement was very cracked up) and skinned my knees and hand. My knees were bleeding pretty badly, but they didn’t hurt (yet) so I used my water bottle to rinse the blood off a little and finished my run. I felt pretty sorry towards all the kids on the trail that had to see all that blood though =\ #badassrunner

My goal this week is to starting bringing back some intensity to my workouts (I need to start hitting my race pace runs) and doing core/strength work again. It’s less than 10 min a day and it improves my running form, so I just need to get off the couch for a few minutes after dinner and get it done.


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