Richmond Half Training: Week 12

Hey guys! Coming to you after an awesome weekend here – we tried a new sushi place on the recommendations of many friends and LOVED it (Mike’s quote – “I think this might be my new favorite”) and went to our first regular season football game on Sunday. It was an exciting one – Redskins were leading with two touchdowns in the first quarter, fell behind in Q2/3, and won in Q4!1001161152a_hdr1002161254a_hdr

Richmond HALF Marathon Training: Week 12
I’m really excited to have a workout post to share today. I wrote last week that my training really fell off after week 8 of marathon training, and going back through my log, I realized that I took 3 weeks off (weekly mileage totaled 13, 18, then 4 haha). It was so tempting to just quit training and drop the race all together, but I decided to adjust my goal and re-focus my training to running the half instead. Thankfully, I had a solid week of training last week!

Mon: 4 X 400 on the treadmill (3 miles total)- this was supposed to be 7 repeats, but my legs were too tired to do more than 4. I think as my legs get used to the mileage again, my speed workouts will get better. 1 mile warmup, 400s at 7.0-7.2 speed, 0.25 mile cooldown.

Thurs: 3 miles on the T/M (10:26 pace) – nothing special, just cruised along listening to the September SoulCycle Spotify station (say that 5 times fast ;) Did weights at home afterwards.

Fri: 3 pace miles outside (4 total) – I was dreading this run because I haven’t done a pace in over a month, and all my pace runs from the summer were pretty slow. But I told myself I wouldn’t shoot for a specific pace and that I’d be happy with anything 9:30 and under. After a half mile warmup, I started running at a comfortably fast pace (one I could hold for several miles) – and was surprised to see a 9:16 pop up at the end of the mile! I tried to hold that pace for the next two miles – 9:11 and 9:15. I wasn’t expecting my pace to be anything below 9:20, so I was really happy with this run. After a couple more pace runs, I’ll have a better idea what my goal should be for my race. Core work afterwards.

Sat: 4 easy miles outside (10:31 pace) – It was raining when I woke up, so I decided to push my long run to Sunday and went back to bed ;) I finally got up around 9 and went for a short run (rain had backed off to a drizzle) before getting ready for our lunch sushi date!

Sun: 8 miles outside (10:29 pace) – Aside from a side stitch that would not go away, I felt really strong for this run. Weather was nice and cool (slightly drizzly at times) and I just listened to podcasts and chugged along. Felt great to get in a long(ish) run again.

This week will look a lot like last week, just with slightly longer pace and long runs. I think 5 running days is working for me right now, and I’ll try to add in a cross-training day and some yoga on a short run day.


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