Friday Faves – Uses for Empty Birchboxes!

Hey friends! I’m trying my best to get back on a regular blogging schedule, so without further ado – another Friday Faves!

Salomon handheld water bottle
As happens every summer, I came to the realization that I needed hydration for nearly all my runs, even the shorter ones. The elastic on my old Nathan waistpack was too loose (the bottles would rattle around with every step), so after trying to run with a normal water bottle in my hands, I bit the bullet and bought this handheld for running with stellar reviews. After making some adjustments during a trial run, I loved it. It took some doing to figure out the right configuration for my small hand (I don’t use the finger loops), but once I figured it out, it felt so comfortable and I forgot about it being attached to my hand as I ran. It’s easy to drink from and I just tighten the velcro every time I drink to keep the bottle from flapping. My only wish is that it had a bigger mouth for easier filling and to accommodate ice.1004161311_hdr

First laptop since college
Will you believe I haven’t bought a laptop in the past 10 years? I’ve been using Mike’s old Macbook and a cheap desktop I bought about six years ago, but my classes are getting more modeling-intensive so I decided to invest in a new laptop this year. After a little research, I picked the Asus Zenbook for its portability, computing power and battery life (and reasonable price – some of the ultrabooks are $1000+). It’s SO light and fast, and the screen resolution is great – I use it to stream Netflix when I’m cooking or taking a bath. Can’t believe how much better the tech gets every year!0830160816_hdr

Birchbox “medicine cabinet”
Mike and I are medicine hoarders, and while I love being prepared for any minor medical issue short of surgery, I didn’t love digging through a big box of random pills and boxes for ten minutes to find the excedrin. One day, while looking for a use for my growing collection of Birchboxes, I decided to try using them to store our meds. It’s been great! No more digging through tons of stuff to find one thing since they’re all stored by type of med – and we can easily identify what we need to stock up on ;) #medicalpreppers

Tech Armor ballistic glass screen protector
I bought this screen protector for my LG G3 and have gone through 2-3 since (I stock up on ebay) – I drop my phone all the time and while the protector develops cracks and I eventually replace it, my phone screen has remained perfectly intact! Highly recommend ballistic glass protection for your phone if you’re drop-prone like I am.

And lastly, this video:

Cute animal videos make my day :)

Are you a Birchbox subscriber? What do you do with the empty boxes?


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