Life Lately

Whew, I can’t believe it’s November already! Our last few weekends were much busier than usual, starting in mid October. Here’s what we’ve been up to lately:

BBQ and hiking with our small group at Great Falls – true to form, we spent 99% of the time eating and 1% of time on the hike, haha. In fact, Mike and I had to leave early for a co-worker’s birthday party and we didn’t make it on the short hike to the falls at all =\
image1We made up for the next weekend though – my mom came up for her birthday, so we headed to Shenandoah National Park to hike the short and easy Stony Man trail! I underestimated how cold it would be – it was 60s in Alexandria, but closer to 40 up in the mountains. And so windy (hence the crazy hair, lol).
dsc04746 Happy birthday mom!
dsc04742And just a few days later, our good friends Alex and Lexi came to stay. They had a wedding the following weekend, and spent a few days with us :) Always have such a good time with these two.14900454_10104579739352481_6026810513841415406_nAlex requested Toki for one dinner – oh well, if you insist ;)1027161729_hdr It had been way too long since I got to eat this bowl of deliciousness. I think we’ll be back soon, especially since they now do reservations on weekdays. 1027161745_hdr This past weekend, our friend Christina came to town, so we met up at Rustico for brunch! So fun to be back together with a bunch of MIT alums again. My burger hit the spot after an 8 mile run that morning.1029161201b_hdr-1 We left brunch and headed directly to Maryland to cook dinner for three families with our small group – we auctioned this dinner off as a service item during a church fundraising event! Our chef-in-charge planned a fancy 5-course dinner for the adults, starting with tuna tartare, then salad, beef bourguignon, chicken piccata, and passionfruit tart. It was a ton of work, even with the ten people we had prepping, but also a lot of fun.img_6263
I’ll be back with more run chat next week – truth be told, we’ve been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to train, and I finally made the decision last week to push off my race till next year. I’m still running, but I’ve backed off my mileage and am doing more cross-training to gain more overall fitness. I’m a little disappointed, but I ran a half with minimal training last year and have no desire to repeat that experience, lol. I’ll be back at the starting line next year!


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