Weekend Fun + Training Log (20 Miles)

We’re back from another busy weekend! It  started with small group on Friday night, as always – we had dinner duty this week, so I prepped bibimbap (korean veggies/meat/ rice bowl), which was a hit!

1104161923_hdr 1104161931_hdrSaturday morning, I went for my long run – loving this gorgeous fall weather.1105160924_hdr 1105161014_hdrAfter a quick shower, I headed over to a church women’s brunch, then home for a few errands, followed by bowling with our small group at night.  I didn’t manage to break 100 in either game we played, haha.  Need more practice.  Mike and I grabbed dinner at Panera before bowling, and my fall squash soup and turkey/apple/cheddar sandwich combo hit the spot.  I’m all about the soups right now.1105161810_hdrSunday was my 2nd week teaching my 3-year old class, and Mike also subbed for another teacher in a 6-yr old class, so we were both wiped after church and came home for naps, lol.  Full time teachers have my complete admiration – I have no idea how you do it.  My Sunday run almost didn’t happen again, but I somehow mustered the energy around 5 PM to hit the treadmill for a short run.  I may need to re-arrange my running schedule in the future to make Sunday a rest day…

(Oct 31-Nov 6) Training Log

So let’s talk training.  After a long, long marathon/half marathon training cycle, I started to feel a little burnt out on running.  So I decided to cut back on the mileage and add in more cross-training for variety and fun.  My goal is to run ~20 miles a week with a long run of 8-10 miles, a speedwork day and 2 easy running days and balance out the running with two cross-training days (probably barre or an HIIT video from Fitness Blender).  Here’s how last week went!

Mon: FB HIIT (25 min) – I love the format of HIIT; this workout went by really quickly but left me sore for days!

Tues: rest

Weds: 4 miles on T/M – I did a 1 mile w/u and then a progression type run with 4 min each at 6.0, 6.2, 6.4, and 6.6, followed by a cooldown till I reached 4 miles. Maybe I should call this a 4-4-4 workout. Went by fast :)

Thurs: FB HIIT and Upper Body Strength (33 min) – This time I picked a workout geared towards upper body with kickboxing and weights. This was a pretty short workout – couple min warmup, 8 min kickboxing, 12 min weights and a cooldown – but left my arms and back sore!

Fri: 4 miles outside (9:49 pace) – was definitely too fast for an easy run (I felt winded at the end), but I was running in the afternoon and needed to get home to food prep for small group!

Sat: 8 miles easy (10:15 pace) – I am loving these cool weather long runs! This was definitely one of my faster-paced long runs this year; I think all the summer heat training is paying off.  I was cruising and enjoying the beautiful fall leaves the whole run – didn’t even need music.

Sun: 4 miles easy on T/M (10:41 pace)

I really liked the balance of workouts this week, and really enjoyed each run or cross-training session thanks to the variety. It’s also challenging my body in new ways, and making me stronger all over. I think I’ll be sticking to this schedule for the next couple of weeks at least, and then deciding if I want to train for a spring marathon…

What’s the longest you’ve run without music/entertainment?I think I’ve done the first 15 miles of a 20 miler without music. If the weather is nice and my body feels good, I really don’t need it all the time.


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