Current Running Gear Faves

It’s been a while since I talked about the sneakers/ clothes/gear I’m favoring lately, so I thought I’d do a quick roundup today. What works for me might not work for you, but if you’re hunting around for some new running stuff, check out the list below!


I am pretty picky about my sneakers because I need a lot of forefoot padding (my landings are 95% forefoot) and toe box room (I have a wide front foot, thanks to bunions). Here’s what I’ve been running in lately:
For long distance: Brooks Glycerin. I’ve been running in these for years and love the support and wide toebox. I’ve also liked the New Balance 1080s in the past, although I haven’t tried any of the recent models.
For easy/recovery runs: Hoka One One Clifton. I loved the first version, and picked up version 2 when my first pair ran out. Unfortunately, the 2s are narrower in the toes and have a weird hot spot on the top of my big toe (reading the reviews, I’m not the only one having issues with the fit). I just wear a bandaid on my foot when I run with these, but I can’t wait to upgrade to the 3s when these wear out.
For speedwork/tempos: Saucony Kinvara 6. I ran in an older model a few years back and wasn’t a fan (not much padding, but the 6s have a much softer forefoot and feel so light on my feet!


Bras: Champion T-back sports bras – they’re very reasonably priced (~$20-25 on Amazon), provide good coverage thanks to padding, and have no wires/clasps :)
Tanks: Athleta chi tank – these are so soft and flattering, and great for any kind of cross-training (don’t fall down in downward yoga poses!) in addition to running. I also love the burnout style tanks from Brooks in the summertime when I want the lightest fabrics possible.0709162110_HDR – Tights: Sugoi subzero – I’ll run in shorts down to about 35 degrees, but for temps below 10 degrees, I reach for these thick and cozy tights! I’ve run in negative temps with these!
Shorts: Oiselle Roga shorts – I love the soft fabric and longer length to prevent chafing. I also like their distance shorts (has side pockets that zip) and most Brooks shorts too.
Shirts: Under Armour tees (very wicking) or race tees, of course
Arm sleeves: Asics thermal sleeves. I love arm sleeves in the fall and winter – they basically turn any short sleeve shirt into a long sleeved one, and you can easily adjust for increasing temps or feeling too hot by rolling them down. The basic Asics ones are cheap and soft, and they also have a version that folds down over your hands.

Other Gear

This is the gear that I carry on a typical run in the AM:
Flipbelt – this is definitely my favorite way to carry a phone and gels; I’ve even been wearing the belt “unflipped” lately for easy access to my phone, and everything still stays inside the belt!
pepper spray – this is a new item I started carrying on my morning runs because it’s dark outside and not as many people are out and about.  I don’t love having to carry it, but it doesn’t feel bulky in my hand and I have quick access to the spray should I need it.
Knuckle lights – definitely my favorite way to see and be seen! There’s a regular mode, bright mode, and blinking mode (I use the last mode to signal cars as I cross a street).

What’s one thing you always carry on a run?


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