Friday Faves

Hey friends,

I’m back with another Friday Faves! I missed getting a workout log up on the site on Monday, but last week was somewhat of an impromptu rest week – between a cold and more than usual social events over the long weekend, I only got two runs and a cross training session in. No matter – I was back to my usual self this week and will have a great training log to share on Monday :D

New dining table
I’ve been wanting to replace our small round table with a larger dining table to be able to have more people over, and after a year of talking about it, Mike finally got on board, researched different furniture makers, and ordered a table and bench – all in one afternoon. We joke that he’s like an avalanche; it takes him a while to get moving on something, but once he does, he goes from 0 to 60 in 10 seconds. Anyway, the new table was delivered on Sunday and we both love it! It fits into our space perfectly and can fit 8-10 people – can’t wait for our first dinner gathering.1113161159a_hdr

R+Co Cleansing Foam Conditioner
I love all the hair products I keep getting from Birchbox lately, and this foaming shampoo+conditioner was no exception. I don’t know that it gets my hair squeaky clean, but it smells amazing and makes my hair silky soft. It’s a nice alternative to the harsher head and shoulders shampoo I use most days. I like to save this for rest days/ low activity days when my hair isn’t super sweaty.

Source: Birchbox

Soul Cycle Motivating Marathon playlist
I discovered this Spotify playlist while scrolling for music to power my speedwork session on Tuesday and loved the fast paced music/ running theme! When I started struggling on my last repeat, I skipped forward till I found “Remember the Name” and finished strong and fast :D

Xtend Barre Circuit7
I bought a package for this studio when I saw it pop up on Gilt City a while back, and started going last week when I realized my classes would expire soon. I decided to try out their circuit7 class, which is 7 7-min segments (workout, legs, arms, core, bonus round, HIIT, and cooldown) with a greater focus on cardio. I LOVED it – it incorporates traditional barre movements with a faster pace, and includes some plyo moves as well. The class goes by fast since you do an exercise for 30 sec to 1 min before moving onto the next, and the HIIT round is short but tough. I’ll do a longer review of the studio after I’ve gone to a few more classes – I’m hoping to try their Barre Stick class next week!1111160654_hdr

This is Us
If ever there was a show designed to make me cry during every episode, this is it. All the feels. I made my mom watch one of the episodes when she was here in October, and even she liked the very real emotion and compassion in the show (she normally watches only korean TV).

Source: NBC

I’ll leave you with this inspiration for your weekend running!

Source: The Daily Quotes

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