Weekend Fun + Training Log (22 miles)

We had a nice, low-key weekend in DC – Saturday was spent studying (Mike had a final, I have a class project) after my morning long run, and then we grabbed spicy noodle bowls at A+J’s, a Taiwanese restaurant highly recommended by friends. Love the burn of the Sichuan peppercorns!1119161109a_hdrI was so, so sore after my morning run – I picked a pretty hilly route, so I spent the evening foam rolling while we watched TV and then took an epsom bath that night, which really helped.

I managed to get in my run on Sunday morning before church, which hasn’t happened in a while (usually I end up on the treadmill in the afternoon).  After teaching Sunday School and eating an early Thanksgiving meal at church (mashed sweet potatoes, yay!), we studied some more and then went bowling in the evening – $2 games on Sunday nights!

(Nov 14-20) Training Log

I had a great week of training last week – got in 2 cross training sessions and 22 miles in 4 runs. I’m really enjoying this balance between running and barre and can feel the benefits of training my body all over through barre when I run.

Mon: light yoga – basically a rest day, but my legs felt a little stiff after several days of not running so this helped prep them for the week :)

Tue: FitnessBlender barre video – I missed my barre class at the studio because DC’s metro system is so terrible right now, so I went home and did this short barre video instead.  It’s a good one!

Weds: 6 X 400 meters on the treadmill (5 miles total) – A pretty typical treadmill workout for me – I’ve been working on getting some speed back by increasing the speed a little every 2 intervals or so!

Thurs: Xtend Barre Circuit7 class – I’m obsessed.  I meant to try one of their regular barre classes, but love this cardio/HIIT version too much to try a different class.  I’m going back this week!

Fri: 4 miles easy (10:02 pace) – this one got done after work, and I really enjoyed watching the sunset and the transition to twilight.

Sat: 10 hilly miles (10:46 pace) – oof, this run was no joke.  My legs felt good so I opted for the hillier loop behind my house, and after weeks of flat terrain, I was really struggling.  I had to stop on the hills several times, but felt proud of myself for not quitting and finishing the run.  Also, negative splits for the win! My first mile was 11:20 pace, and my last was 10:32 :)

Sun: 3 miles easy (10:18 pace) – This was my first run with earwarmers and a vest, but the cold actually felt great because it numbed my legs and helped them feel less tired.

And that’s a wrap.  I’m hoping to get in another 2 barre classes this week, and pretty similar mileage – my goal is to add 2 miles every 2 weeks until I start marathon training in late December.


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