Gratitude Wednesday

I was thinking about what to post today when I came across this post from Fit Bottomed Girls, and given the holiday tomorrow, a gratitude challenge sounded perfect :) Here are 20 things I’m grateful for right now, in no particular order.

  1. Sleep – it is so amazing to be able to fall asleep quickly (without meds!) and sleep 7-9 hours consistently every night, now that my thyroid levels have stabilized.  Given my long history with insomnia and recent hyperthyroidism diagnosis earlier this year, I’ll never take quality sleep for granted, and it’s truly an answer to many desperate prayers over the years.
  2. Mike – we’ve been together for nearly 10 years now, and it’s been so fun to go through different stages of life together – early adulthood, transitioning into working life, and lately, thinking about what comes next for our family.  He’s been there for me in all the crises of the past couple of years and I’m incredibly grateful for his support and love :)
  3. Family – ditto! I’m so grateful to have strong relationships with my sister and brother, and my relationship with my mom has improved in the past year.
  4. This blog – I’ve been on and off the blog the past year or so, but it’s so great to have this creative outlet to turn to, and I love interacting with the amazing blogger community.
  5. My faith – I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about what I want to get out of life and trying to rearrange my time and resources to match those priorities.  One of the big ones is a closer relationship with God, and He’s really been meeting me in the small steps I’ve taken towards Him lately.
  6. A healthy body – I’m so grateful to have this body that can run, jump, lift weights and do all sorts of amazing things.  I know I’ve gained some weight from my thyroid pills, but that doesn’t change the fact that my body is beautiful, strong and capable of enduring the challenges I put it through ;)
  7. An awesome project group I truly dreaded the group project aspect of my current class when I saw it on the syllabus, but I found a great group that has made this term project easy and fun.  The project isn’t due till early December, but one teammate finished coding the model and the other has written most of the final paper already, so we’re nearly done!
  8. My job It’s easy to forget what a blessing work is, but I’m grateful to have a wonderful job with great hours, decent pay, and a short commute.
  9. Supportive coworkers – My coworkers are incredibly hard-working guys and a joy to work with.  They were also concerned about me during my illness and covered for me during medical appointments.  I’m much younger than they are (by 30+years), so they’ve also been an invaluable source of advice for all my questions ranging from gardening to fixing appliances to house hunting.
  10. A warm house – with the cooler weather finally here, I love coming home to our warm house and cuddling with the cats while watching TV.  Can’t wait to turn on the fireplace when the temps drop a little more.
  11. Cooler running weather – in direct opposition to the above, lol – I’ve always been a cold weather runner; the cold makes me feel energized.  30s and 40s are my happy place!
  12. Bonding with my small group and church community – more community was one of my big prayer requests going into this year, and I’m so happy that our small group has grown closer together through activities, group texts, and more time together.  They’re such a great group!
  13. Time with friends – We’ve spent a lot of time reconnecting with distant friends and family this year through trips and visits as well as hanging out nearly every week with local friends.  I’m so grateful that we’ve been able to maintain relationships with our close friends from high school and college.
  14. New Glycerins ;) This will be my 4th pair! Runners know it’s no small thing to find a shoe that fits well, doesn’t hurt or cramp your feet, and provides comfort and cushioning mile after mile.
  15. Margin in life – I’m thankful for healthy finances that allow us to give generously and save for future needs, and more energy (see #1) and time to spend with people.
  16. Xtend Barre – I went to another Circuit7 class last night and left with wobbly limbs and a huge smile on my face.  Sometimes a new activity is all you need to reboot your fitness mojo.
  17. Our new dining table – the bigger surface area has been a HUGE improvement over our small round table.  It’s been perfect for scrapbooking, other projects and homework/work, and I can’t wait to host some friends!
  18. My mom moving to Richmond – it’s been so great to have her less than 2 hours away! I was able to spend her bday with her for the first time in many years this year.
  19. New running headphones! My old yurbuds broke 3 weeks ago, and I’ve been running with a spare skullcandy pair that I had lying around the house.  Well, sports headphones make a big difference – the skullcandies kept falling out of my ears and the sound got crackly as my ears got sweaty.  I finally ordered a pair of new yurbuds and did a happy dance when they arrived yesterday :)
  20. More time with Lucy – it’s been over 2 months since we went to the vet and found out that our cat might have lung cancer (or possibly just asthma), and while her coughing fits (and messes on carpet) continue, she’s still so happy most of the time and eating well.  We don’t know when we’ll have to say goodbye, but I’m just happy to spend a little more time with my beloved cat.

    Source: Quote Fancy

What’s one thing you’re grateful for this year?


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