Thanksgiving Weekend and Training Log (22 miles)

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! We spent ours down in Richmond at my mom’s place with sister J and her boyfriend and some of my mom’s friends.dsc04771Mike’s and my contribution were appetizers (this wonky veggie turkey was the centerpiece, lol), and the apple pie a few pics below!
dsc04753My mom cooked a traditional turkey feast and we ate leftovers for dayys :)
dsc04765Aforementioned apple pie – baked beautifully but crumbled to pieces as soon as we started to slice it *tears*.  I think we’ll stick to a crumble topping next year!dsc04775All in all, it was a great holiday with wonderful food and company :)

(Nov 21-27) Training Log

Mon: rest day

Tue: Xtend Barre Circuit7 – this was a really small class – just 2 students (including me)! Definitely couldn’t slack off ;)

Weds: rest day – I meant to hit up another Xtend class, but ended up packing and relaxing at home to get ready for Thanksgiving.

Thurs: 5 miles easy (10:13 pace) – Done first thing in the morning before we drove down to Richmond for the weekend.  My legs felt slow and tired, as they always do after a few days off running.

Fri: 4 miles easy – We were down in Richmond at my mom’s place, so I started this run on the treadmill in her community gym, but moved outside because the exercise room had no airflow, lol.  Inside run was 2 miles at a 11:16 pace, and outside 2 miles were at 9:44 pace – I’m definitely an outdoor runner right now.

Sat: 8 mile long run (10:15 pace) – this was a super windy run, so I had to stop to stretch my tight calves several times in the beginning, but it got better when I turned around and had the wind at my back.

Sun: 5 miles on T/M (10:48 pace) – this was supposed to be a hill interval workout, but my legs didn’t have it after the long run the day before.  I decided to do mini-inclines throughout the 5 miles of 15 sec-30 sec, which helped break up the time and provide a little hill training.

Overall, this was a pretty solid week of training, but bunching all my runs at the end of the week was not the best plan, lol.  Still, happy I got the miles in!


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