Merry Christmas!

I don’t post on weekends, so this is an early Merry Christmas from me! We’ll be heading down to my mom’s place for a day or two to celebrate with sister J and mom! I think ice skating, gingerbread cookies, and a Christmas service are on the agenda.

But before we get into the fun, I know this holiday may bring on mixed feelings for some of you – this time of year can feel hectic, sad, disappointing, or even sometimes maddening (see: crazy relatives).  And that’s confusing when the world tells us that Christmas is a time of happiness and joy and we don’t know how to find it in ourselves or those around us.

So I just wanted to share a reminder that Jesus came to bring us peace, love and fullness of joy. If you feel like you’re not enough, He provides strength where we are weak and in God’s eyes, you are more than enough! If you feel lonely, your creator is reaching for you and longs to pick you up or walk beside you. If you feel sad, he feels your pain and grief and offers comfort.  If you feel stressed, he offers a spot to sit, rest, and be strengthened by his presence.


I haven’t kept up with my devotions this year, but I downloaded the First5 app yesterday and am making it a priority to sit and rest with God a few minutes each morning going into this holiday season.  If you’re looking for a practical, applicable (and easy!) way to spend time with God, try the app with me :)


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