2016: The Year the Honeymoon Ended

If I can use a relationship as a metaphor for running, this was the year the honeymoon ended and the hard work began.

This was a pretty tough year in running/health for me.  I ran nearly 0 miles from January through March due to a bad hamstring injury, then spent the next several months adjusting my hyperthyroidism medication and dealing with my fluctuating weight.  I started to run consistently in the summer, but we had one of the hottest summers on record followed by record lows in December.  For all these reasons and sheer laziness, I ended up DNSing several races and definitely didn’t PR in any distances.

But here’s the thing – I didn’t quit.  Just a little over 4 years ago, I lined up at the start of my first race (a marathon!) and wondered how long this new hobby would stick.  It’s easy to stick with running when you’re setting PRs and running on rainbows and happiness, but my commitment to and love of running was well and truly tested this year…and I passed the test.  I ran over 800 miles from April – December, learned to embrace summer running, and changed up my routine and strategy again and again to keep myself motivated and improving.

2016 wasn’t a fun year for me and running, but we learned how to take a healthy break (with my hamstring injury), keep things interesting (add in cross training), and stay committed (during the hot hot summer, haha).  The honeymoon may be over, but our relationship is stronger than ever – and I can’t wait to see where we go in 2017 :)_DSC0445


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