Life Lately

I’m still alive!

I know I haven’t blogged in a while – I started a new job (my first job change since 2008!) and my commute went from 10 minutes to 1 hour. The good news is that I really love my new job, and I’ve been fine with the commute thanks to audiobooks I’ve been borrowing from the library. And surprisingly, I’ve grown to love driving – so weird, I would have done anything to avoid having to drive just a few months ago.  Anyway, here’s a few things we’ve been up to lately!

We bought a new (used) car! After tons of research and visits to multiple dealerships, we ended up with a great RAV4.  It’s the car I use to commute everyday, and I’ve come to love driving it.

Lots of delicious home-cooked food, thanks to Mike’s new obsession with sous vide cooking, which is a method that uses a water bath to cook food to a precise temperature.  It’s super time-consuming, but all the meats he’s made have come out perfectly cooked.  My favorite dish so far has been the Asian pork belly buns (top right below).

We went skiing a few weeks ago! Well, sort of – Mike’s coworkers planned a trip to Deep Creek months ago, but the weather has been so freakishly warm here that there was no snow, lol.  No matter, we went hiking instead :)

More food – we discovered UberEATS.  Boru Ramen delivered within 35 minutes to our condo.  I might never leave the house again.

And finally…more food.  We went to Bad Saint in February, a Filipino restaurant that’s gotten tons of buzz in DC.  It also doesn’t take any reservations, so we showed up at 3:30 PM on a Saturday, waited two hours and just barely got into the first seating.  Whew! How was it? Honestly, I’d describe the food as interesting, but any given weekend, I’d rather be eating the bowl of ramen above ;)

On the training front, things were going great – until I injured my left Achilles on a long run about two months ago. Wah wah. I DNSed the Rock ‘n’ Roll DC half last weekend, and I won’t be running Reston in April.  But honestly, I’ve actually been happy doing lots of cross-training, especially now that the weather has finally gotten cold around here.  I’ll talk about what I’ve been doing to stay in shape (and balance out all the eating) next week!


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