Friday Faves

Happy Friday! I always look forward to publishing these Friday faves posts to share some things that have made me happy this week.  I haven’t written one of these in months, so we have some catching up to do ;)

Iced green tea lattes.  I strangely lost my taste for coffee as the weather got warmer this summer, and landed on green tea lattes as my caffeine substitute! Mine is super simple – I just add water, soy milk, half a teaspoon of this matcha powder, and some granulated honey into my Contigo shake and go tumbler (the BEST) and shake it up.  If you try this, I recommend adding the matcha powder/ sweetener after you add all your liquid so that the powder doesn’t stick to the bottom.

Red Rising series by Pierce Brown – probably the best sci-fi/ fantasy series I’ve read in a long time.  Mike’s co-worker lent me the first book and I blew through the trilogy in less than a week.  Everyone I’ve recommended the series to has been similarly hooked!

My new favorite take-out lately is Cava Grill, which is one of many Mediterranean-style build-your-own bowl/pita/salad restaurants in the area.  I’ve tried a few, but Cava’s toppings and falafel are the best, and their drinks are really good too.  I tried the watermelon soda last time and it was incredible.I was looking for some affordable workout clothes earlier this year (I have a huge running wardrobe, but not a lot of capris/ tanks for cross-training), and was really impressed by Gap’s workout line! I bought a couple of their tanks and capris for barre/yoga type workouts and found them to be really stylish and great quality.  They always offer free shipping on $50+ and nearly always have a 40%-50% coupon code.

theSkimm.  With my new job, I don’t have a lot of time to read the news anymore, so I love this daily digest sent to my inbox every day.  It’s very readable, gives you the background and highlights, and takes less than 5 min to read.  Best of all, the subscription is free :)



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