Last Week’s Workouts: 18 Miles

My mileage ramp-up is still going well! Whenever I’m coming back from injury, I generally stick to the “less than 10%” rule – any mileage increases from week to week are less than 10%.  This helps avoid ramping up too fast and getting re-injured.  Since I ran 16.5 miles last week, I ran 18 miles this week.

Mon: Body Pump

Tues: 4 X 800 meters on T/M – After a mile warm-up, I alternated 800 meter intervals with 400 meter recoveries.  This definitely pushed my fitness, even at a conservative 7.2 speed.  Hopefully I’ll see my speed and endurance improve!

Weds: rest day

Thurs: E60 class in Arlington through ClassPass – this was an intense circuit program that went by quickly! We did rowing, treadmills, medicine ball exercises, boxing, and lots of core work.  My core was sore for 4 days afterwards, lol.

Fri: 3.5 miles on T/M (10:33 pace) – Since I ran half a mile during class the day before, I cut my run short on Friday.

Sat: 6 miles on T/M (10:16 pace) – I wanted to do this run outside, but I woke up late and didn’t have much time before a rock-climbing date with a friend.  I’ve gone rock-climbing every weekend this month – it might be time to invest in some gear!

Sun: 3 miles on T/M (10:21 pace)

I’m glad I got in my miles and a decent amount of strength work this week, but I need to start taking my runs outside this week.  I know from experience that too much treadmill training translates into poor race times for me.  My goal this week is to do all my runs outside, with the exception of speedwork.  Hopefully the weather cooperates :)


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